Issue #14                                                                                   June 11, 2017

ChivalRock Spotlight: 

It's a WRAP!

For an archive of all the past White Knight Round Table update emails, please visit our webpage.

The Round Table Will Continue!

Even though the current ChivalRock Tour and the White Knight Prize Drawing are finished, e veryone who is on the exclusive White Knight Round Table list will continue to receive updates, behind-the-scenes information, latest details on Toddstock 2018--Todd's 70th birthday celebration, and news about Todd's Spirit of Harmony Foundation

As we get information about Toddstock from Todd and Michele, we will send it out immediately to the Round Table!

People on this special list will receive more frequent communications than people on our regular email list. 

New members of the Round Table are always welcome! There are three ways to join the special White Knight Round Table list:
  1. Text TODD2017 to 22828, OR
  2. Email us at with "ADD" in the subject line, OR
  3. Click on
The Spirit of Harmony Foundation advocates for the
Moral Imperative of Music Education.

Think Of Tea!

By popular demand following the worldwide success of the "Hello It's Tea" mug, the Spirit of Harmony Foundation is pleased to announce the release of the newly-designed "Think Of Tea" companion mug!  

Order yours today.  Please click here.  

Concert Merchandise

For a complete collection of ChivalRock Tour merchandise, Todd Rundgren items, and Utopia items, please visit the  Toddstore