BE A VOICE for women, for families, for life! Sign up today for Choices' Walk & Run. 
BE A VOICE Walk & Run for Choices

This is the greatest opportunity to make a BIG impact for life. When you sign up to walk or run on Saturday, April 9 - you are signing up to make a difference in the lives of women, men, families and children in our community. Every dollar raised goes directly to program funds. 

Your support:
  • enables families to choose life for their child

  • supports a young mom who doesn't think she can be a parent
  • helps a young person develop a worldview that values life
  • equips a new dad to step up and be a husband and a father
  • gives hope and healing to someone who already made a costly decision
  • helps hundreds live the ABUNDANT LIFE Christ has in store for them 

Raising support for Choices not only benefits the people we serve but it also helps us "Create, Promote and Protect a Culture of Life" in our community. When you register and ask friends and family to sponsor you, you have the unique opportunity to share the message of life with others. 

Three ways to join us: 
  • Register online at as an individual, family or group. It automatically creates an easy to use online fundraising page where friends and family can donate directly to your personal site.  
  • Download our printable pledge form and take it every where you go. Ask your friends and acquaintances at your church, local businesses you frequent, your neighborhood, family and more.   
  • Donate directly to BE A VOICE. Whether you are able to join us on
    Saturday, April 9th or not, we are so grateful for your support! 


Thank you so much for your willingness to join us as we stand for life in Chattanooga through our BE A VOICE walk and fun run!  One thing I always like to remember when asking for financial support is that giving is an opportunity that God extends to His people to JOIN Him in advancing His kingdom work.  It is one of the ways that we tangibly participate.  If someone declines your request, it is not a personal rejection.
For this event specifically, one thing I have found to be very engaging is social media.  Some fun things I have tried are posting my online profile for the event to my Facebook at then tagging different friends each day asking them to specifically support.  I have even asked for a specific dollar amount that correlates with how many days until the event.  For example, if we are 14 days out, asking for people to donate $14.  Who can say no to $14?
Thank you again for joining us in this effort.  We truly appreciate the support that you all within the community give to Choices!  I'll see you in your tennis shoes on April 9 th. :)

For Life,

Ashley E. Baldwin
Click here to register or sponsor a participant.