At this Turning Point, 
How do we Choose Collective Liberation? 

CLF Learning Fellow Lauren Way

Beloveds. What a rich and sacred time we're in. 

This weekend brings us Earth Day. The time to reflect and educate ourselves on environmental and climate justice. This year, there will be global teach-ins and in the United States, a Scientists March on Washington to call attention to the crisis our planet is in and what we can do about it. (You can learn more at )

We've just left Holy Week, the time our Christian siblings in faith mark the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It's the end of Lent, a time of fasting and deep introspection. It's a time for the potential of renewal, of forgiveness, of celebration. 

Our Jewish siblings in faith have just had Passover. A celebration of the liberation of the Israelites. Of freedom. A time of renewal. A time of redemption.

And, in the midst of all of this we, Unitarian Universalists, are in our own moment of upheaval. With deep gratitude to dedicated leaders in our faith for taking the leap of prophetic witness and naming the deep, systemic White Supremacy within our beloved denomination. Carefully laying out what it looks like, and how it manifests. Defining the system as one that benefits people who are White at the expense of People of Color. 

What challenging words to hear. What a heartbreaking framework for our dear faith tradition. 

And here we are, at a point in time when we have choices. Do we dig deep? Do we work together for collective liberation? Do we allow ourselves to be reborn into what it is we most want to be? Do we dig deep into the real reflection and the painful growing edges we've, as a tradition, avoided for so long and make strides to become the saving faith we have the potential to be? CLF's own, and now the Executive Director of BLUU (Black Lives of UU) Lena K. Gardner has published plenty of powerful reflections on the issue (one of which can be found here).

We at the CLF will be gratefully joining with some 500 UU congregations to engage in the White Supremacy Teach-In, as visioned and led by Aisha Hauser, Christina Rivera, and Kenny Wiley. You will be able to find the link and more information at soon.

As we live in this time of celebrating liberation and renewal, May we lean on and learn from each other. May we take this time to grow and learn. May we hear the call of our Leaders of Color. May we care for each other in the times of discomfort and pain. May we celebrate moments of growth and joy in the process. We are all learning and growing. We are all in a process. We have such deep potential. As Lena Gardner said in the piece I've shared " So I ask you now,  to stop being afraid and to lean into the power of our faith ... This can be a new beginning if we make it so."

Lauren Way, CLF Learning Fellow
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