Global Initiative Activated

Activating Global Solutions Initiative    
Chris Griscom Video: Activating Global Warming & Conscious Solutions Initiative 

Activating Global Warming & Conscious Solutions Initiative 
Please find below an additional Message From Chris Griscom:

Dear Global Solutions Friends,

It is time to take our "warm up" Exercises in Consciousness to the next level!
We are now ready for a new application of our conscious potential to bring our atmosphere back into balance through the power of our mental focus.  

We will begin by de-manifesting what we clearly see in our atmosphere--chemtrails, smog, smoke, etc., and then progress to the energies we don't see: CO2, and other greenhouse gases.

Chemtrails and smog contain harmful compounds that have been proven to be destructive to the health of humans and nature alike.  Working with these visual pollutants is a great starting point for us because we will be able to see the changes in the sky as we extend our conscious focus.
You will be amazed at how quickly you can blend your energies with nature and see the changes.  (See below the photo and story from my videographer!)

There are several different technologies of consciousness we can employ for our work, but we will begin with the simple command technique that I show you in my video.

Focus your attention on a chemtrail or smoggy sky.
Imagine that you are super-imposing or layering a pure blue sky over the chemtrail or smog--as if the blue sky were completely taking the place of the pollutants--then give the command, "Clear, balanced."  See in your mind only the blue sky.
That is all you have to do.  The results can take place within seconds or minutes.

It is important to note that in actuality, you can do this from an inside space or even at night.  It is your mental focus that interacts with the energies.  Consciousness is not entrapped in space or time.

This is the beginning of a revolution in human consciousness--and you and I are here to manifest it!

I send you my support and Great Love,
Chris Griscom

I was walking in a field the day after filming Chris' Global Initiative activation video.  I looked up at the beautiful blue sky filled with chemtrails, and almost without thought superimposed a clear blue sky over the middle portion of the thick white trail.  Remembering Chris' words and utilizing the technology of consciousness she uses for de-manifesting pollutants, I gave the command, "Clear, balanced." Then one of the four dogs I was walking tangled its leash around my leg. When I looked up 2 seconds later to see how the chemtrail was doing--a portion of it was gone.  There was actually a visible, dissolved gap in it, exactly where I had placed my focus!  Stunned, amazed, I pulled out my phone to record the image!

--Videographer for Chris Griscom