Chris Griscom Global Initiative Message 3/2/17

Dear Global Echelon Friends,

As we send our conscious awareness into the invisible energies of CO2, we can simultaneously expand our conscious thrust into the pollutants in the atmosphere that we can see.

T he nations of our earth that are the major contaminators have spread their poisons across the globe.  It is crucial to realize that our actions and choices do extend out across all borders.  Here in Asia, I am witnessing the extreme air pollution crossing from one country to the next, causing great imbalances in nature and human health.

This is a way to work with the two issues simultaneously:
Begin by extending your consciousness into the atmosphere around you and ask what frequency of light it needs to dissolve and de-manifest the pollution.  Imagine that you are lasering that color into the air and dissolving it.
Now, bring your focus into the CO2 in the atmosphere and laser a beam of consiousness into it, pushing it out of matter back into the unmanisfest void. 
Now hold in your consciousness a clear blue sky!

Remember that focused consciousness affects its target.
"The observed is changed by the observer."
I send you my support and gratitude,
Chris Griscom