Chris Griscom Message/Global Initiative Experience

D ear Global Initiative Friends, 
The beautiful story below is a lovely example of what we can do when we focus our consciousness! It is exactly the same as directing conscious intention into the atmosphere and de-materializing CO2.  As we all know, energy moves both in the de-manifest and manifest realms--the potential is infinite.  As we practice this truth by extending our consciousness into unseen worlds, we are changing them through the laws of quantum physics.
Remember: "The observed is changed by the observer." 
Each time we observe nature, the sky, the sea, we must remember to use this magnificent power to re-balance our planet and ourselves.
We are receiving wonderful feedback from around the world, and we profoundly thank you all for your energy and consciousness! Please continue to hold this Global Initiative in your minds and invite your friends to join.  
Again, I encourage you to become leaders and guides within any of your own groups.
Meanwhile, I send you my Gratitude and Great Love,
Chris Griscom

Global Initiative Participant Experience

Chris, I wanted to share this story with you about the power of directing our consciousness.

During a hike with my family, I saw a butterfly fluttering around. I spontaneously called out to the butterfly to come to me and held out my hand. The butterfly after a few moments came and landed on my hand. My son, Leo, seeing this let out a squeal of amazement: "Mama, how did you do that?"
"Well, I made myself attractive to the butterfly by radiating out a feeling of being a delicious, nectar-filled flower," I answered.
"Can I do that?" Leo inquired.
"Yes. Go ahead and try it."
Leo held out his hand and changed his frequency to be attractive to this butterfly. And sure enough, it came and landed on his hand. The butterfly stayed on Leo's hand for about 10 minutes as we continued with our hike.
--Story from Navjit Kandola and Leo