Message from Pastor Mike

Thank you to the United Methodist Women (UMW) for the terrific UMW Sunday last weekend. UMW has a long and fruitful relationship with Della Lamb, and it was beneficial to hear about Della Lamb's good work with refugee resettlement. The acceptance of refugees into the United States has been a political battleground made unnecessarily contentious by the overabundance of misinformation about the vetting process. I appreciate the clarity that Jonathan Hyde brought to our understanding of the United Nations' classification of a refugee, and his description of the rigors involved in the process of accepting a refugee. My heart cheers for the 1% who make it through the process, but it aches for the 99% who will likely spend the rest of their lives in refugee camps.
When I see the millions of refugees (UN reports 25.4 million) and hear that only 1% will ever find a way out of the camps, I have to believe that Jesus is calling the world to do better than that. Compassion for displaced people doesn't fall along the lines of political ideology though politics tries its best to paint it that way. Concern over the struggles of others comes out of the heart, and it is God who shapes those hearts.
If you're like me, you want to put your hands on this problem, but it's so big. Where do we start? Is it to work for peace? Is it to make the conditions in the refugee camps better? Is it to advocate for more refugee resettlements? Any one of those approaches is enormous in itself and leaves me still wondering; where do we start? Perhaps, the starting place is with the new neighbors that Della Lamb has already resettled into the area. If your compassion for refugees was stirred Sunday, and you'd like to turn the information we received into action I'd love to hear from you. I don't know what we'll do, but with enough of us together we'll figure out how we can bring God's love that dwells within us to this enormous problem.
Christ UMC Youth Group Burrito Fundraiser
Sunday, July 1 after each service in the Narthex
$3/each or $5/two

Tennis Shoes for Teens

Please help Community Services League supply tennis shoes for school kids. Ten dollars will buy a pair for one student. The shoebox for your donations will be at the Welcome Center and checks should be made out to Community Services League.
Media Ministry Meeting
Thursday, July 5, at 6:30pm in Room 124
If you are interested in being a part of Christ UMC's Media Ministry, please join us for this meeting on July 5th.
If you have any questions, contact Jamee Woolery at

is tomorrow, Thursday, July 19 from 2-5pm

We helped 285 families at the June food drop.

We can always use help from volunteers anytime between 12:30 & 5:30!
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(Learning "S'more" about Jesus - Camp style fun including campfire & S'mores)

at CHRIST UNITED METHODIST CHURCH, 14506 E. 39th St , Independence, MO
6:00pm - 8:30pm
Bible Stories, Games, Snacks, Discovery, Crafts and Music
Grades K - 5 th (entering fall 2018)
How to enroll?  Fill out a form in the welcome center area and place it in the basket or enroll on our website at
We Are Collecting for the 
Kids Clothes Giveaway (Grades K-12th)
To Be Held on Saturday, August 11 
We are collecting undies and socks in different colors, plus new/used clothes, shoes, coats, toys and accessories for kids in grades kindergarten through 12th.

Contact Buttons Jimerson at 816-228-7380 or if you have any questions or are interested in helping with preparation or at the giveaway.
Eagle Scout Project Finished
Garrett Burton, a member of Boy Scout Troop 228, recently completed an Eagle Scout project to benefit Christ UMC. Garrett coordinated the construction of a much needed concrete pad for the church recycling dumpster. The concrete was generously donated by Talon Concrete & Quicksilver Readymix. Additionally, the tools used towork the material were loaned to Garrett by Captain Concrete.

AND speaking of trash dumpsters ... the use of the trash and recycling dumpsters are restricted to church use only. Years ago, the recycling dumpster that was here was a fundraiser. However, there is no longer a program that pays us for recycling, so we have to pay for the dumpster and service. Unfortunately, our dumpsters aren't big enough for community use. If you, as a church member, need to put a few things in the recycling bin, please only do so on Wednesday evenings (the day before it is dumped) and only if it's not already full.
Community Services League Food Pantry Is
Jammin' for July!
Bring in any kind of jam or jelly the month of July!

We collected 135 items last week.
CSL School Supplies

It's that time again! School supplies are needed for the coming year. The barrel is in the narthex for donations, so bring them in anytime. We will be distributing the school supplies to kids on August 4th at the Community Services League Noland Road main office.
Christ UMC Group Trip to Israel

Plans continue to advance for the church's trip to the Holy Land next January. It's not too late to register. If you would like more information, contact Rick Hammett at or Rev. Mike Costanzo at 
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