The Christ United App is a really great tool!!!

The app is updated weekly so, be sure to refresh your app weekly by opening it and giving it a few minutes to download the latest content each Sunday . If you haven't opened the app since last Sunday, you
may notice it "flicker" when it updates. You will also know it has refreshed when you see the current Sunday's date and the current message/sermon listed in "This Week's Services" section.

Let's look at the different sections of the app to help you get a better understanding of how it can work the best for you! (The sections listed below are located across the bottom menu of the app.)

       This Week's Services          
              Message - this is the section where you will spend most of your time in the app. It contains:
Livestream links to watch the sermon live or recorded
                        * Fill-in-the-blanks
                        * A section for taking notes
Scripture references that are linked to
      * Also, you "share" this week's message with others and when you do it will answer
       the fill-in-the-blanks for you. So ... if you share the message with a friend, they will
       have  the correct answers and if you miss a sermon but still want the notes, you
       can share it with yourself to get the answers!!!!
              Bulletin Cover - digital copy of the outside of the bulletin 
              Bulletin Inside - digital copy of the inside of the bulletin 
              Event Posters - digital copy of the event posters we put up around the church  

       Connect Card 
                *  digital connect card
                *  explains all the ways you can give to Christ United with short cuts to help you!

               *  easy way to let us know you are here!                      

       realm login 
               *  easy way to login to the church database called realm

       Talents and Gifts Survey                       
                * short and simple survey to let us know ways you would like to serve at Christ United   
       * this is the area where we list our partnership track classes
       * each class is listed with a brief description and an audio podcast describing the class
          plus the ability to register and/or share the class info with others    
       * a listing of all the activities and events on the church calendar

      * a listing of events where registration is required or recommended
      * just click on the event, and it will take you right to the registration page 
      message archive 
               * where all the messages/sermons are archived
               * the messages contain the notes, livestream links, and much more

      submit a prayer reques
               * where you can easily submit a prayer request
      directions and contact info 
       * the church address and phone number plus our website and email

      realm login
                * easy way to login to the church database called realm
       * Periodically, we send out notifications through our app. Please be sure to have
  your notifications turned ON so you don't miss these important messages. This
  feature is located in the settings of your smart phone.

       * When a notification is sent out, you can come here to read the entire message.
       * Notifications often contain event info that you can save to your calendar
         or info to share with a friend.

Contact Tabitha if you have any questions. 
Social Media at Christ United

For lots of great information about our church, pictures of recent events, or event updates -
follow us on any of these social media sites.

*Note: Our previous instagram account (Christ_United_)
has been closed because we have  moved to
ChristUnitedMB !!!!
NEW Text to Give Option

Text christunitedmb to 73256 (realm)

Then follow the instructions.
That's it! It's that simple.
Your giving will show up in realm and will be a part of you contribution records.

Christ United has updated our database to a system called REALM. You should have received an email invitation to join REALM. You can click here  to register. If you have any questions, please contact Steve Kipe.

This is a great way to learn about groups and to track you giving/contributions. 

The Global Leadership Summit (August 11 and 12) is a two-day LIVE telecast event from Willow Creek Community Church near Chicago.  
The Summit presents a lot of opportunities to sharpen your skills and develop the people you lead. The Summit is a proven tool that produces compelling outcomes for those who attend.  
Click  here  to register for this incredible event & be sure to use the code 16PRTC to receive your discount. Summit is on August 11th & 12th at Christ Community Church in Conway. 
Women's Ministry is starting a new series on
Tuesday July 5th - August 9th.
They meet on Tuesdays in the lobby
at 10:00 am and 6:30 pm.

Childcare is available.

For more information email Shirley Schimmel
or call (304) 820-3481.
Your kids will not want to miss
Big House Camp "Kids Under Construction."
Big House Summer Camp will be at
Christ United July 11th - 15th from 9:00 am - noon.  
To register, click  here
Space is limited!!!!
Construction Update!

The roll-up door that was once on the back side of the building has been moved to the "props room" on stage right.

Construction is going great! Take a look around and check out all the changes!
Christ United | 843-236-6201

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