On the Blog: It's January, but March 1 is Coming
by Ferrell Foster

Things are about to get crazy in Texas - or crazier. It is less than two months before the Republican and Democratic primary elections here (March 1), and early voting begins Feb. 16.

No party speaks for God. There will be committed Christians, as well as others, running in both parties. Some of them will actually use language that connects deeply with those of us who seek to follow Christ.

Language is a powerful tool for good or evil, right or wrong. As a result, we Christians need to listen with all the intelligence and wisdom we can muster through the help of the Holy Spirit. We listen with the ears of Texans and Americans, but we also seek to turn up our spiritual hearing aids in order to hear with the ears of Christ.

To learn more about how you can model civility during election season, click here.

New Resources from the CLC

Public Policy
The Christian Life Commission has produced three resources for churches related payday, lending, and hunger & poverty. We also have Spanish versions available, please contact julie.valentine@texasbaptists.org
All resources may be reprinted for church and ministry use. 

Public Education Meeting with the Coalition for Public Schools 

You are cordially invited to a meeting to discuss public education in the Granbury, Texas community. Attendees will be a part of an interactive discussion about the value of our public schools in the Granbury area. 

January 11
Acton United Methodist Church in Grandbury, Texas
6:00-7:00 pm
To register for this event, click  here

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Registration Opens January 11

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