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Dr Tayo Church leaders have been paying tribute to Dr Tayo Adeyemi, founder and senior pastor of pentecostal mega-church New Wine in Woolwich, south east London following his death on June 30 from illness. 

Dr Joe Aldred, head of the National Council of Church Leaders stated: "Dr Tayo was a pastor/teacher after God's heart. I recall inviting him to speak in a Church of God of Prophecy regional convention during the mid-1990s. He had so evidently sought God for a word for us and delivered that word with clarity and rare insight. The high-water mark of excellence we experienced typified his ministry generally - locally, nationally and internationally - which is why his contribution to the propagation of the Christian faith in this country and beyond will live on for many years to come."

Rev Yemi Adedeji, Director of the One Peoples Commission said: "Dr Tayo Adeyemi was a General for black Christians in the UK. He pioneered a new way of doing church amongst black majority churches and his leadership style and spirit of excellence have become a footprint for many emerging young leaders today. His contribution during the formative stage of the One People Commission will remain with us."

And Muyiwa, Station Director of Premier Gospel stated: "His work has left a mark that cannot be erased. In an environment where the criticism of black led churches at large was that they only worried about prosperity and were insular, Dr Tayo with this church had outreaches to the community in Woolwich that meant the hungry were being fed and the council acknowledged the work. The church also had a whole town of Lepers in India that it cared for, this is only part of the care it provided for the less fortunate. His work helped to define for the Christian community black & white what was possible in the 21st century."

Dr Tayo founded New Wine church 20 years ago.  People flocked to New Wine to hear Dr Tayo's preaching and attend the numerous conferences organised by the church. Countless thousands enjoyed his teaching ministry programs which were broadcast on Premier Radio and on Sky TV. Under Dr Tayo's leadership the church was also very active in the local community - every Christmas they gave away countless hampers, organised numerous health days and various events to equip people both practically and spiritually on how to live a successful live.
Social media has also been flooded with tributes to Dr Adeyemi. In a moving facebook post Bishop Wayne Malcolm, leader of Ican Ministries in Bow, east London, described Dr Tayo's  as: " A five star general and a patriarch in the faith who has literally blessed the lives of millions with his amazing teaching gift."

Noel Robinson, who launched his Renewal conferences at New Wine church stated in a facebook post.   "We are saddened to hear that Dr. Tayo Adeyemi has passed away. Our thoughts go to his family and the New Wine Church family. He was one of the great pastors of this generation a true General..!"

Dr Tayo was born in Leeds to Nigerian Parents.  He left England, at an early age, for Nigeria where he graduated as a medical doctor.

He became a Christian as a young boy in 6th grade and received the call to ministry in 1981.  
While in medical school, Tayo was instrumental in founding a students' fellowship, which grew to a movement of more than 3,000 students in over 30 Nigerian Universities and colleges in the space of five years. He was also actively involved in starting three chapters of the Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship in different parts of the country.

He returned to England with the intention of pursuing a residency programme in General Surgery and later, Neurosurgery. It was in the midst of this pursuit that God called him to start New Wine Church, which has grown to a congregation of approximately 2,500  in the London Borough of Greenwich.

Alongside pastoring, Dr Tayo preached throughout the world, travelling extensively around the UK, and to various nations including as Australia, Cote d'Ivoire, India, Kenya, Malaysia, Netherlands, Nigeria, Norway, South Africa, Tanzania, United Arab Emirates and the United States.

The leadership of New Wine have asked the Christian community to pray for Dr Tayo's wife Joke, his three children, and the entire New Wine church family.
Information about the funeral will be announced once all the arrangements have been made.
Click HERE if you would like to pay tribute to Dr Tayo on the New Wine website.
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