Christmas Gift Ideas and Free Shipping Coupon
As Advent approaches our prayer for each of you is a season of joy and anticipation of Our Lord. One of the best gifts we can give is the gift of faith. Another great gift is learning. Books are a great way to give both of those gifts. We thought it would be fun to introduce our family to all of you with everyone's list of suggested books for Christmas gifts. If we can help you find the perfect book or Catholic gift to give someone on your Christmas list, give us a call. We are offering FREE SHIPPING on all orders of $40 or more now through December 10. You must order by December 10 for a guaranteed delivery in time for Christmas. Blessings from the Meyer Family
Tony's Top Three

Happy Thanksgiving and Advent Blessings to all of you. I always enjoy learning more about our Catholic Faith and I'm very proud of my Irish heritage. Here are a few favorites from my bookshelf that would make great gifts. 

7 Secrets of Divine Mercy 

Lindy's Book Basket

As a wife and mom my time to read is often limited but I really enjoy books by other Catholic women. I'm really looking forward to a prayerful Advent with my reading list this year!

Rooted in Hope Advent Journal
George's Favorites

I'm a junior studying Theology and Education at Benedictine College. My Christmas gift suggestions are three books that have helped me in my faith journey as a college student. Three books everyone should read. 

Isaac's Picks

I'm studying accounting and business at Benedictine College and hope to own my own business some day. For Christmas ideas I'd like to recommend a couple items for everyone's bookshelf and one of my boyhood favorites. 

Erin's Must Haves

I'm a freshman at Benedictine College studying Education. Three picks from my must have list will make great Christmas gifts for the young ladies on your list. 

Laura's Reading List

I'm a junior in high school and really enjoy spending time with my family and friends. My best ideas for Christmas gifts come from my current reading pile.  

Elizabeth's Childhood Favorites

I'm a freshman in high school and Iove animals. I have a small zoo at home with a dog, guinea pig, and three chickens. Books are always a great gift, but medals make great gifts too!

Clare's Classics

I'm in 5th grade and I really enjoy reading the Great Illustrated Classics from my school library. My favorites and others in the series are great for kids my age. Happy Thanksgiving!

Mary's Treasures

Mary is 4 years old and spoiled by all six of her older siblings. Having a preschooler in the house keeps us all smiling and on our toes!