"There are many different ways we can be with God on purpose."
This is the conclusion of Rev. Sharon Seyfarth Garner in her book  Praying With Mandalas: A Colorful Contemplative Practice . Prayer is one essential way that we as people of faith make space and time in our lives to be with God. Rev. Garner tells us, "A right way or a wrong way pray does not exist. Instead, we can practice different ways of praying, at different times and in different seasons in our lives."

It may be that at times we pour our hearts out to God, in one unending litany of joy and sorrow. Other times we may repeat a single word or phrase, concentrating our hearts and minds on what our soul needs most in that moment. There are times when our prayers involve no words at all, just a silent awareness of being one with the presence of the Divine in sacred stillness. As we prepare to enter a new season, may we take time to be with God on purpose. In our thoughts, in our movements, or simply in the silence of our hearts. May we be blessed by the wisdom, comfort, and challenge we find in the presence of God. 
Gracious God
whose love encircles all,
You are the one in whom I live 
and move and have my being.
Thank you for the moments
when I see you most clearly.
I am sorry for the times I have turned away
from your loving presence.
With hope I look toward the new day to come,
heart aflame with your love and grace.
I am grateful that you are with me
every moment of every day.
~ Melanie Marsh Baum

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