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MG Bartenders 12-2017
Mustards Grill will be celebrating 35 years this June. In a 2017 restaurant review, Michael Bauer of the SF Chronicle said Mustards "continues to be a beacon of Napa Valley dining." Mustards success is one of the biggest accomplishments in my life, I am so proud that it continues to thrive and satisfy so many diners.
Many of the wonderful people who work at Mustards have been there quite a long time. Recently I interviewed our fabulous bartenders and thought you would be interested in their thoughts.

David (second from right) started at the bar in 1989-28 years. He drinks his Mount Gay Rum straight with no ice and is not a fan of making Mojitos. Chicken wings, the pork chop and lemon garlic chicken are his favorite menu items.
Curt (second from left) has been tending the bar for me since 1993-25 years. He worked a spell at the Fog City Diner when I was there too. Curt is most proud that so many guests say his drinks are perfect. His favorite cocktail is the Bittermen, a Negroni with Fernet Branca that I am ordering the next time I'm in. Curt prefers to be called a bartender rather than the chichi title of mixologist, and I agree with him.

Christina (far left) began at Mustards in 2000. It took her 7 years to get behind the bar because no one leaves. She still works 2 shifts a week as a server because she has the least seniority at 17 years. Her favorite drink to prepare is a Sidecar, her least favorite a Mojito. She loves working the bar because the bartender and the guests are at the same eye level. It makes the experience informal and communal-complete strangers will end up talking to one another. She loves the fact that you never know who you will be sitting next to, a winemaker, a celebrity or a first-time visitor to the Napa Valley.
Mo (far right), unlike David and Christina, loves preparing Mojitos partly because her name is on the drink. Though, Mo does make a great martini too. So amazing that one of our local winery regulars has named their annual holiday party at Mustards the "Mo-tini" party, they all begin lunch with a "Mo-tini". Mo has been with us for 17 years, she is the cookbook sales queen, she has sold more Mustards Grill Napa Valley Cookbooks than anyone else. Her favorite menu item (and recipe in the book) is the lemon-garlic chicken.

Thank you again to our wonderful Mustards Grill bar staff.
At Cindy's Backstreet Kitchen 
Jim is serving special egg dishes on Saturday and Sunday lunch. We are not calling it brunch so come in for a Bloody Mary and the egg special of the day. Like his version of Eggs Benedict with house made bacon, organic eggs, and hollandaise on a Model Bakery English muffin. Breakfast for lunch, what's not to like? 
Pour Off Pair Off Fridays at Mustards 
January is the month of "low and slow", dishes cooked at low heat for a long time. Among the menu items Michael will be offering are chocolate braised beef short ribs, a guinea hen mole, wood oven smoked prime rib, and for those of you who remember my restaurant Go Fish, the ever-so popular miso black cod. 
Winter Recipe 
Pollo alla Cacciatora is chicken braised with tomatoes, mushrooms and white wine served over polenta. Because comfort food is simple, delicious and it's winter, this Italian favorite is the recipe for January.
"France is a Feast" 
Time is running out to see the world premiere of the photographic journey of Paul and Julia Child in France at the Napa Valley Museum in Yountville.  "France is a Feast" is running now through February 18, 2018. It is delightful and you can hear my comments on the audio tour.
Happy New Year!

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