Summer 2017 
News and Upcoming Gatherings
Summer Greetings!

Summer has come! We are hard at work making all the preparations for Long Dance 2017! We are eager to get our hands dirty laying infrastructure on our new Long Dance site. Home Lodge and leads are invited to attend the Long Dance planning meeting and sweat lodge on July 15th.

A Moment of Reflection
Halfway through the year, we are at the height of the sun cycle. We invite you to take a moment to reflect on all that has happened within this year so far. This solstice is an inbetween point, a balancing act between the cycle of light and dark. In this moment, breathe with the earth and feel the light bringing life to this world.

A Poem for the Solstice
The Arrival of the Past
You wake wanting the dream
you left behind in sleep,
water washing through everything,
clearing away sediment
of years, uncovering the lost
and forgotten. You hear the sun
breaking on cold grass,
on eaves, on stone steps
outside. You see light
igniting sparks of dust
in the air. You feel for the first
time in years the world
electrified with morning.
You know something has changed
in the night, something you thought
gone from the world has come back:
shooting stars in the pasture,
sleeping beneath a field
of daisies, wisteria climbing
over fences, houses, trees.
This is a place that smells
like childhood and old age.
It is a limb you swung from,
a field you go back to.
It is a part of whatever you do.
~ Scott Owens


27th Annual Long Dance Registration is Open!
  Twenty-Seven is like Heaven!

You can register here Long Dance Registration

We invite everyone to register for Long Dance! Register before August 7th and get the $25 early bird discount.
 The Goddess of Long Dance is alive in us! Aho! We are excited to announce that we have a new home for Long Dance. Have relocated to Cambria California on the beautiful 2500 acer Nevada Ranch to build our Sacred Village.This land is beautiful! The spirit energy is strong. It welcomes us to come and pray and do the work to Dance our prayers in The South.

The Long Dance Storage has Moved:
We had a successful move! All Long Dance gear is now located on the new Long Dance site. A very special thank you to everyone who made it possible. How wonderful it was to see everyone's smiling faces of accomplishment.

New Site and Caravan Requirements:
The new Long Dance site requires that we take special care and consideration. The only way we are allowing people to drive the easement road onto the property is to caravan as a group. Caravans will be arranged at certain dates and times, which will be announced to registrants in September.
All people must remain in the designated Long Dance areas. We do this out of respect for the land and it's caretaker.

Homelodge Meeting and Sweat Lodge:
July 15th Homelodge meeting, and sweat lodge at our new site! Want a sneak peak at the property? Show up! All are welcome to come plan Long Dance and sweat with us. Meet 9:00 AM at Cambria High School parking lot ( 2950 Santa Rosa Creek Rd Cambria California) . From there we will caravan out to the property.  A caravan out will be offered for those who do not wish to sweat.
This is a potluck event, come prepared with food and water!
Pancake Fundraiser:
Come to our fundraiser on July 2nd! Show up at 8:00AM and expect to enjoy yourself till 11:00AM. There will be a raffle, silent auction, live music, and strong community presence. It's $7 a plate, and all proceeds will go to Circles of Empowerment. The donations will then be used for Long Dance scholarships and elder support. Invite all those that are interested in learning about our community!
If you cannot attend, but would like to donate you can do so here: Donation Page
When donating please note that it's fore Scholarships and Elder fund.

Empowerment Through Ritual and Ceremony:
Hua will be offering her class on ceremony August 5th and 6th. These classes are open to all and will give a deeper enrichment when experiencing Long Dance. Brothers, these classes are a requirement for attending Thunder Lodge. Each class is uniquely suited to the group and highly valued by those who have attended. An advanced class for those who have taken this introduction will be offered at a later date, going deeper into cultivating shamanic tools, and working with the sacred elements of personal ceremony.  
You will receive teachings and hands on instruction on:
  • guided shamanic journey-work
  • lands on teachings with the four sacred herbs
  • learn empowering & traditional ceremonial protocols
  • opening your throat chakra
  • creating an intention of love in the world
To reserve a spot in class, contact Hua at 805-481-0892 or   

July 2nd 8:00AM - 11:00AM
Pancake breakfast fundraiser for Circles of Empowerment! This is a Long Dance scholarship and elder support fundraiser. $7 a plate. Have fun with the silent auction, raffle, and live music.  
Our community was approached to have this fundraiser at the Guild in SLO. Some folks have asked to donate since they can't attend, donations can be handled here: Donation Page
When donating please note that it's for Scholarships and Elder fund. 
July 5th 7:00PM to 8:00PM
Long Dance call-in meeting, 1st Wednesday of the month. Attention all Long Dance lodge leads or those who wish to join a lodge. Call the conference line: 218-895-3987 and use code: 8888#
July 8th
Full Moon Ceremony
July 15th
Homelodge meeting and Sweat Lodge.

August 5th and 6th Empowerment Through Ritual and Ceremony class.

August 7th
Full Moon Ceremony

September 5th
Full Moon Ceremony

September 21st - 24th
Long Dance!  

October 5th

Full Moon Ceremony 

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