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Fall Registration Frequently Asked Questions
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We'd like to give you an update on our preparations for Fall Session and answer some frequently asked questions.  Please see below!
  Frequently Asked Questions
  • When will registration begin? The session guide will be released very soon. However, if your student has never taken a class with Circus Juventas before, we recommend you complete the Pre-Registration process now in order to have an account prepared and facilitate your ability to register with the returning students as soon as the class request process is open.  Click here to access our site.  Students who have taken a class within the last year will be sent login information for registration once it opens.  For students who have been away from CJ for over a year, please contact us to update your record in order to receive the registration information. 
  • When will I know what the class options are for the session? The schedule will be released at the same time as the online registration opens. For an idea of the type of classes we offer, please review our Summer Session Guide (click here), which lists most of the classes that will very likely be on the schedule for the fall. PLEASE NOTE: the fall schedule of class days/times is not likely to be the same as the summer session, but the types of classes offered are similar.
  • When does the Fall Session begin? Classes are scheduled to start on September 16, 2013.
  • How much do classes cost? Classes start at $200 per student, per session. Many classes are eligible for a multiple class discount where one student takes more than one class (General Fee Classes). Some classes are at a fixed price point due to factors such as the number of hours they meet per week and/or the equipment costs for the specific act (Fixed Fee Classes). The annual registration fee of $40 is also due with the first session a student registers within an academic school year, therefore all students will pay this fee with the Fall Session registration.
  • How long will I have to register? In order to process all of the class requests in time for the session to begin, the Returning Student Deadline will be September 3, and the New Student Deadline will be September 5. Online registration will be closed entirely by the morning of September 6, and any registrations after that point will need to be done in person at the Front Desk at Circus Juventas.