June 2016 - In This Issue:
What's Happening around the League

NLC&M Endorses N ational City Council Meeting
Thank you to the City of Las Vegas for hosting our  Board of Directors meeting on May 23rd
We presented Mayor Hafen with an endorsed copy of Resolution 13-01 in support of the "National City Council Meeting' concept.   

President"s Corner

Mayor Mike Giles, City of Lovelock
A big thank you to all who made the last board meeting in Las Vegas. and the City of Las Vegas for hosting the board meeting and tour of their beautiful city hall.  

On a local level, the City of Lovelock and Pershing County are pleased to welcome Nile Valley Foods.  This business is a symbiotic system known as aquaponics that will produce not only fresh vegetables but also a fast-growing, tasty fish tilapia. This is joint venture between Nevada Nile Ranch and C-Punch Ranch.  (see related article to the right.) 

M Line has recently completed an expansion, they process organic soybeans for oil, with most of the oil going to Best Foods.  

It's been a great to see our local farmers working again as they are getting some much needed water this year for irrigation after four years of drought and no water. 

Have a great summer!
Mayor Mike Giles 

NLC&M Annual Conference

"Sparking Ideas to Inspire the Future"
Hosted by:  City of Sparks
October 12-14, 2016

Conference Registration is Open for Municipal Delegates, Guests, Sponsors and Exhibitors!
2016 Upcoming Events
August 15th
Board of Directors Meeting
Carson City, NV  
October 12-14th
NLC&M Annual Conference "Sparking Idea's to Inspire the Future"
Nugget Hotel, City of Sparks 

November 16-19th
NLC -  City Summit
Pittsburgh, PA 
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NLC&M Welcomes a New League Partner

The National League of Cities (NLC) Service Line Warranty Program, administered by Utility Service Partners, Inc., offers residents repair protection for in-home plumbing, external sewer and external water lines. The Nevada League of Cities and Municipalities supports the NLC Service Line Warranty Program for Nevada communities for these main reasons:   

1. The program educates homeowners as to their service line responsibilities.  
2.  The added value of the service itself - studies show most homeowners have not set aside funds for unexpected repairs.

3. The program is offered at no cost to the cities, who often receive a share of the revenues collected. 
4.   It is the only warranty program to market to residents only with the city's permission. 

5.   It is the only warranty program endorsed by the National League of Cities.  

The NLC Service Line Warranty Program partners with more than 300 cities in North America and has helped more than 100,000 homeowners save over $64 million in service line repair costs.

To learn more about this unique program and how it can bring revenue and peace of mind to your community, please contact Mike Madden at mmadden@utilitysp.net or 407-616-2239 for more information.

Golden Eagle Park in Sparks Brings in Millions of Dollars, Visitors to Area
by Ky Sisson, KTVN News
Golden Eagle Regional Park, Sparks NV
A new report shows that a big money maker for the city of Sparks is one of its parks. Golden Eagle Park is proving to be a gold mine for the local economy.

"In 2015, our economic impact was an estimated $22.2 million," said Tony Pehle with Sparks Parks and Recreation. 
Golden Eagle on Vista Boulevard in northeast Sparks is massive, boasting more than 6 million visitors since opening in 2008 and 50 tournaments in 2015, a number that grows every year.

"We've just had a really positive response from everybody about this park." In 2015 alone, over 1,100 teams spent the equivalent of 45,000 room nights, a major boost for the parks closet resort-casino, the Nugget. "If we didn't have these teams here we'd have some real big voids in some of our occupancy so I think all of the hotels would agree that we need this type of business in Reno/Sparks," said Amanda Flangas, Executive Vice President of Sales at the Nugget Casino Resort. 

Hydroponic farm in production in Lovelock Local produce in high demand
Debra Reid, News4Nevada
Nile Valley Foods Manager Dustin Sullivan works on Lovelock's first hydroponic greenhouse.
For those who miss or can't even remember the taste of fresh, locally-grown herbs and vegetables, it could soon be an everyday experience at homes and restaurants in Lovelock and the surrounding area.

After months of preparation, the color of young plants is now visible inside one of the two new greenhouses at Nile Valley Foods in the industrial park south of Lovelock. The first planting of lettuce, tomato and cucumber seedlings signaled production is underway at the hydroponic farm.

Another greenhouse for the second half of the operation should be in production by late summer. A symbiotic system known as aquaponics will produce not only fresh vegetables but also a fast-growing, reportedly tasty fish known as tilapia. Dissolved nutrients produced by the fish will fertilize the plants growing next door in the second greenhouse. Solid fish waste filtered out of the fish tank water will be converted into an odorless fertilizer to be sold for gardening and other residential use.
Lake Mead declines to lowest level in history
Ian James, Desert Sun
Lake Mead hits historic low levels.
The nation's largest reservoir has broken a record, declining to the lowest level since it was filled in the 1930s.

Lake Mead reached the new all-time low on Wednesday night, slipping below a previous record set in June 2015.

The downward march of the reservoir near Las Vegas reflects enormous strains on the over-allocated Colorado River. Its flows have decreased during 16 years of drought, and climate change is adding to the stresses on the river.

As the levels of Lake Mead continue to fall, the odds are increasing for the federal government to declare a shortage in 2018, a step that would trigger cutbacks in the amounts flowing from the reservoir to Arizona and Nevada. With that threshold looming, political pressures are building for California, Arizona and Nevada to reach an agreement to share in the cutbacks in order to avert an even more severe shortage.

"This problem is not going away and it is likely to get worse, perhaps far worse, as climate change unfolds," said Brad Udall, a senior water and climate research scientist at Colorado State University. "Unprecedented high temperatures in the basin are causing the flow of the river to decline. The good news is that we have time and the smarts to manage this, if all the states work together."   He said that will require "making intelligent but difficult changes to how we have managed the river in the past."
Nevada transportation board approves building Faraday highway project
Sean Whaley, Las Vegas Review-Journal
CARSON CITY - The state Board of Transportation on Monday approved using a  design-build process for a $60 million highway improvement project for the Faraday Future electric car factory now under construction at Apex.  The process is expected to get the road project finished a year earlier than using traditional bidding methods.

The agency will now solicit proposals for the project. "This is one of those projects that is very important to infrastructure," said Gov. Brian Sandoval, chairman of the board.

Construction of the five-mile-long widening of U.S. Highway 93 at Interstate 15 for the Faraday plant now under construction is projected to begin in June 2017.
The design-build process will allow the Department of Transportation to concurrently pursue the environmental clearance while proceeding with the preparation of the design-build documents, shaving off a year for the completion of the project.

Parsons Brinckerhoff is performing the preliminary design, engineering and environmental work.  The planned development in the Apex area in the near future is projected to be significant and is planned to commence within the next several months. The project is needed to facilitate this dramatic projected growth, the agency told the board in a memo.

The project will benefit other anticipated development at Apex in coming years.
The project at the Garnet Interchange will include a flyover exit from U.S. 93 into the $1 billion, 3-million-square-foot plant being built by Faraday.

The Legislature in December approved a package of incentives to bring the company to Southern Nevada. The Faraday tax breaks and other improvements, including the road project, totaled $320 million. The company broke ground on the factory in April.

The improvements to U.S. 93 will expand  the road from two to four lanes and include a frontage road at Grand Valley Parkway inside the Apex Industrial Park.
Nevada Living With Fire Receives Highest Honor
High Desert Advocate:  Posted by:  Howard Copelan
Living With Fire Program Directors Ed Smith (left) and Sonya Sistare (middle) and Nevada Network of Fire Adapted Communities Coordinator
Elwood Miller (right).
The NLC&M Board of Directors adopted  Resolution 13-03 in support of Nevada Wildfire Awareness Month - May 2016. 

Living With Fire Program team received the "Great Basin Fire Mitigation, Education and Prevention Award" at the Great Basin Fire Mitigation, Education and Prevention Conference held last month in Boise, Idaho.

"The Living With Fire team is an amazing group," said State Fire Mitigation and Trespass Specialist Jennifer Myslivy, with the Bureau of Land Management in Idaho. "They don't just help people within Nevada - their work reaches all across the United States."

Living With Fire Program Directors Sonya Sistare and Ed Smith, and Nevada Network of Fire Adapted Communities Coordinator Elwood Miller were chosen by a panel with representatives from Nevada, Idaho and Utah. The Living With Fire team was selected based on their cooperation with communities and program partners, their community impact, their educational materials, and their overall interactions and approaches to spreading wildfire awareness and teaching homeowners how to live more safely with the threat of wildfire.