2017 Upcoming Events
June 13, 2017
Board of Directors Meeting
12:30 - 2:30 p.m
McCarran Airport, Las Vegas

October 10-12, 2017
NLC&M Annual Conference 
City of Mesquite
CasaBlanca Resort
November 15-18, 2017
National League of Cities
City Summit, Charlotte, NC 

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At our last board meeting in April the League adopted Resolution 17-01


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Sarah Lindsay 
Phone: 202-942-4290
U.S. Communities Government Purchasing Alliance |  www.uscommunities.org

  • Nearly 12,000 households in Nevada enjoy sewer, water and/or in-home plumbing line coverage
  • Over $315,000 paid in repair costs
  • Over 99% of Nevada claims approved
  • Endorsed by the NLC&M
  • Homeowners are educated about their service line responsibilities 

What Nevada Customers are saying...

"I already told a neighbor how easy and wonderful your service is and he signed up.  North Las Vegas did an outstanding job partnering with you. You did an outstanding job fixing our leak. 
- Nancy S., North Las Vegas

To learn more about this unique program and how it can bring revenue and peace of mind to your community, please contact:  

Mike Madden mmadden@utilitysp.net
or 407-616-2239 for more information.

Nevada League of Cities & Municipalities are pleased to announce our new partnership with BoardDocs®, a cloud-based board management solution. As you know, the NLC&M works to improve governance throughout Nevada. With NLC&M BoardDocs, our goal is to help leaders with board management processes so they can further enhance opportunities for all constituents and the community. We see this partnership as another important way to serve our membership.

BoardDocs' powerful and easy-to-use services have helped well over 2,000 organizations dramatically lower costs, increase transparency and reduce board-related staff time by up to 75 percent from day one.

If you would like more information about NLC&M BoardDocs or have questions about the partnership, please contact the League office.

What's Happening around the League
Wes Henderson, Executive Director
The legislative session is winding down but there are still actions that the legislature needs to take before sine die.  First off, is the matter of passing the state's biennial budget.  Second, the legislature will have to pass legislation to implement recreational marijuana.  Other items that need to be considered include legislation regarding Education Savings Accounts.  We will be issuing a report on the legislative session after the session has ended.
During the annual membership meeting held in conjunction with our conference last year in Sparks, the Board of Directors authorized a new award, the League All Star Award, to be given at the discretion of the executive director.  This award will be presented to individuals to honor their career contributions to the League.  I was honored to present the first two League All Star Awards earlier this month. 
On May 2nd, the first League All Star Award was presented to City of Henderson Mayor Andy Hafen.  Mayor Hafen has been a steadfast supporter of the League.  Mayor Hafen served the League as a member of the Board of Directors, as an officer including serving as president in 2007.   He was named 'Public Official of the Year" in 2006.  In addition to Mayor Hafen's service to the Nevada League he has also been very active in th   e National League of Cities.  Hafen served on the NLC's Finance, Administration and Intergovernmental Relations (FAIR) and served as Chair of that committee in 2015.  Mayor Hafen also served on the Board of Directors for the NLC.  Mayor Hafen has also served as Chair of the League's "Council of Mayors and Chairs" in 2015 and 2016.  During the award presentation, I noted that his exemplary service and dedication to the League has set the bar high for future recipients of the All Star Award. 
The second League All Star Award was presented to City of Las Vegas Councilman Steve Ross at the Las Vegas city council meeting held May 3rd.  Councilman Ross has had a 
distinguished public service career which included service to the League.  Ross has served as a member of the Board of Directors and served as President in 2012.  He was named "Public Official of th Year" in 2012 as well.  Following his service as President, Councilman Ross continued to serve and chaired the "Membership and Dues Structures" committee that modified the League's membership structure and dues formula.  We would like to thank both Mayor Hafen and Councilman Ross for the service to, support of and participation in the League and for their leadership and dedication to public service.
Planning is under way for the League's annual conference.  This year's conference will be held October 10 - 12, at the CasaBlanca Resort in Mesquite.  Please plan on attending and taking advantage of this unique opportunity to visit with your colleagues from across the state.  The National League of Cities' City Summit is scheduled to be held November 15 - 18, in Charlotte, NC.  Please consider attending and helping to add Nevada's voice to the conversations that develop national municipal policies.
NLC&M Adopts Resolution 17-01 in Support of Wildfire Awareness Month - May 2017

JoAnne Skelly: Wildfire: Prepare, anticipate, evacuate 
May is Wildfire Awareness Month. After an extremely wet winter, you might think that there will be less risk of wildfire this year. Sadly, that is unlikely to be the case. With all that moisture, plants/weeds, particularly the highly ignitable cheatgrass, are thriving and creating lots of fuels for fires to start when they start drying out as the weather heats up. Fire agencies are preparing for a big fire year.

This year's theme is "Wildfire: Prepare, Anticipate, Evacuate."  Prepare your home and community to survive wildfire.  Anticipate and plan for a safe evacuation.

Evacuate quickly when asked!

In addition to all the precautions you can take prior to a wildfire to prepare your home to reduce the risk of wildfire and to prepare your family for an evacuation, you can also make improvements to your landscape that can reduce ignition potential. 

Over the winter many landscapes were hit hard with flood damage. Plants may have to be replaced. If that is the case, think about choosing plants that are less ignitable or less flammable. University of Nevada Cooperative Extension has an illustrated plant guide that can help called "Choosing the Right Plants for Northern Nevada's High Fire Hazard Areas," http:// www.unce.unr.edu/publications/files/nr/2007/eb0701.pdf. 
Trump's Proposed Budget Could Bankrupt Cities and Towns
WASHINGTON - May 23, 2017 - This morning, the Trump Administration sent its full budget proposal to Congress. The proposal includes unprecedented cuts that would slash or eliminate crucial programs that invest in cities and create jobs, including the Community Development Block Grants (CDBG), TIGER grants for transportation projects and the HOME Investment Partnership Program. 

The National League of Cities (NLC) is concerned that small cities would fare the worst under the proposal, since they are less able to compensate for the cuts. Many states limit the amount of additional revenue cities may raise, leading to a real possibility of municipal bankruptcy for some small cities. In response, NLC President Matt Zone, Councilmember, Cleveland, released the following statement:

"The administration's budget proposal would be devastating to cities and towns. No community in America would be better off with this budget, and it could bankrupt smaller cities and towns. It does nothing to create jobs in our communities, and violates the president's core campaign promise to lift up Americans in communities across the nation.

"The White House ignored more than  700 city officials who urged the administration to protect crucial programs, including Community Development Block Grants, TIGER grants and the HOME Investment Partnership Program. These vital programs allow communities to invest in public safety, economic development and infrastructure, and create private-sector jobs.

"The budget proposal would have a disproportionate impact on America's small cities and towns, whose budgets are already stretched thin. In these communities, the programs being targeted are a lifeline for maintenance and investment. For those communities, this budget would spell disaster - and, in many cases, bankruptcy.

"As the leaders of America's cities, we call on Congress to throw out this budget proposal and develop a new plan focused on building prosperity, expanding opportunity and investing in our future. Congress must reject this budget proposal or risk derailing local economies nationwide."

The National League of Cities (NLC) is dedicated to helping city leaders build better communities. NLC is a resource and advocate for 19,000 cities, towns and villages, representing more than 218 million Americans.  www.nlc.org

National League of Cities Reveals Top 10 Issues That Matter to Cities in 2017
NLC Press Release

WASHINGTON - May 24, 2017 - A comprehensive analysis of mayoral state of the city speeches released today by the National League of Cities (NLC) finds that economic development, public safety, infrastructure and city budgets are the top issues for communities around the nation. The new report, State of the Cities 2017, examines state of the city speeches in 120 cities representing a diverse cross section of population sizes and geographic regions. 

NLC's analysis shows that the same issues are facing cities around the country - no matter the size or location. Though the order and intensity of the 10 issues examined have remained relatively consistent over the past four years, the primary emphasis has shifted, with mayors expanding what is possible within their leadership roles to take action and ensure prosperity, fairness and resilience in their cities.

"Mayors work tirelessly to build stronger communities through innovative policy solutions, public-private collaborations and strategic investments in our urban cores," said Clarence E. Anthony, CEO and executive director of the National League of Cities (NLC). "However, cities also face tremendous challenges in this political environment, including crime, affordability, and racial and income disparities. The report shows us that mayors are fighting attacks on local control, and are seeking solutions to these issues to lift their communities up."

Key findings from the 2017 analysis include:
  • Cities are driving the nation forward, with an increased number of jobs and outsized economic growth providing the ability to make strategic investments in our urban cores. Specifically, 66 percent of state of the city speeches included significant coverage of economic development issues.
  • Police (73 percent), fire protection (56 percent) and road paving (48 percent) were mentioned the most in mayoral speeches this year.
  • Equity is a key concern for cities across the country, in terms of fairness and inclusivity in public safety, housing and education. Sixty-four percent of state of the city speeches included significant coverage of public safety issues.
  • Mayors are meeting resistance from a federal administration keen on disparaging America's urban areas and state legislatures across the country blocking city-led initiatives.
"As mayors work to create a fairer, more equitable America, they are meeting resistance from the state and federal level," said Brooks Rainwater, senior executive and director of the Center for City Solutions at National League of Cities (NLC). "Mayors are welcoming all people, standing against policies that strip federal funds from so-called sanctuary cities and recognizing the importance of diversity and inclusion to their communities. In the face of negative sentiments from the federal government, cities are pushing a positive agenda focused on building economic vitality and bridging divisions in our society. With or without intergovernmental partners, mayors will work from the bottom up to make things happen. "

The top 10 issues mentioned in State of the City speeches are:

The report also highlights specific policies and issues facing cities of all sizes, such as workforce training, transit, immigration, renewable energy, autonomous vehicles and the opioid crisis.

 For the full analysis, visit NLC.org/SOTC.