August 2017
Dear Friends,

What a busy summer we have had! With over 100 new clients as well as our regular client base we have been swamped. We are sorry if you could not get in right away but we have been working as efficient as we can giving each cat the individual attention it deserves. We thank you for your patience this summer. We have enjoyed seeing you all and John is doing such a fantastic job and loving it. It was a great match for both of us. I keep trying to retire but when he needs help I do go in. I must admit, I miss it if I am not in there once in awhile. I miss the cats especially that I have known for so many years and are so adorable. Sometimes I will stop by and go in the back and call out their name and they see me and start talking to me. I just love that. We welcome all our new cat people and hope we can be of valuable service to you for years to come. Thank you for choosing City Kitty for your cat’s grooming needs!

I’ve always said if everyone in the world was a cat the world would be a better place to live! With all of the chaos going on around us, isn’t it nice to come home to our little purring machines? They seem to have this calming effect on me and it’s so wonderful to be greeted at the door by someone excited to see me. I feel like a celebrity every time I go home. Our pets are one of the greatest privileges we have. Our lives are enriched by them every day. Taking care of our feline friends is an honor as they give us back so much more in return. 

As a child from an unstable home, animals were my constant. I could always count on them to be there for me when adults weren’t. I learned to communicate with them and felt like I knew what they were thinking most of the time. This strong connection has always been there. It continues to this day. I enjoy this communication with many of the cats that come in to City Kitty as well as my own. 

I don’t have any great gifts as far as this goes. I am just open and willing to listen. What are your cats saying to you? A cat’s behavior is a direct reflection of what they are feeling. I believe cats to be highly intelligent, beyond what we will ever comprehend. Our intelligence as humans is sometimes limited by the tangible. If we can’t see it or touch it, our limited thinking tells us it is not there. But a cat is different. Be open to the possibilities of what your cat is trying to tell you and what they are capable of. It just might surprise you!

Much aloha,
Our City Kitty Vacation!
We will be closed Sept. 2-15, reopening on Saturday the 16th.
Please plan accordingly. John and his wife Sara are having their first baby, supposedly on the 4th. It’s a girl, but they have not decided on a name yet. Sara will be taking off work for maternity leave, so you will see her with baby in tow in the salon after a few weeks. They are very excited and just about have everything ready for the baby, although their Bengal, Nala has been using all the new baby equipment, including a swing as a bed. I think she knows something is coming! 

Adrienne will be home in Hawaii, on Maui, as her niece is getting married Sept. 2nd. I think I might have the better deal on this one but I can’t wait to come back and see the baby! I attended the baby shower where there were so many cat themed clothes and items it was adorable. This baby will have no choice but to love cats! 

I will be seeing old friends and family as well as swimming in the ocean and eating all the wrong things! I am looking forward to it, but I always miss my cats so much. 
And During Vacation...
We will also be finishing up some renovations and sprucing up the salon a bit. You will see a few changes when you come back. 
The CFA International Cat Show
We are so privileged that the World Cat show is in the Northwest this year! Portland will be hosting over 1000 cats from all over the world as well as vendors with cat items you never knew you needed.

City Kitty as well as City Kitty Franchise will both be having booths there. There will be petting corrals, educational exhibits and “Moscow The Cat Rapper.” This is a very exciting event as it is rare that this show is on the west coast.

I will be showing my cat Ferguson as well. If you want a fun weekend, head down to the Portland Expo Center Nov.18-19th, 2017 for this fabulous cat event! Visit for more information, including hotels.
The Siberian
We have had so many Siberians come in to the salon lately I thought we should share this beautiful breed with you.

Siberian cats are a Russian national treasure. They have been documented in Russia for hundreds of years and are mentioned in Russian fairy tales and children’s books.

And For Those of You That Have Suffered Loss
We want to extend our deepest sympathies to those of you that have lost your precious feline friend. It is a heart ache not quite describable. We miss them as well in the salon. There are cats that have been gone for 10 years that I will never forget. I believe their spirit lives on in our hearts.

Many of you knew my cat Manny that was a rescue. He passed away about a month ago at 14. He went everywhere with me, loved riding in the car and on my bike, in a backpack, you name it. You can visit his FB page as Manny The Manafred Cat.

There are many ways to keep our precious babies memories with us. Scrapbooks, photo albums, framed photos, donations in their memory, jewelry with some of their ashes and so much more. One of my cats ashes went into the tattoo of him on my arm. It always make me smile to see him every day.

If you are struggling with an older cat or one with terminal health issues there is help for you. is a great resource. There are also grief support groups for pet loss. You may also contact Adrienne as she did get a certificate for Palative and Hospice care after attending a 3 day workshop with the above group.

I have also been through this so many times. It is the first time in 15 years I have not had an elderly, sick animal to care for, so I do have a lot of experience in this area.
And Finally...
"I purr, therefore I am."