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March 3, 2017  Weekly report to the Mayor and City Council 

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City Manager's Weekly Report Update

This Weekly Report is sent every Friday and serves as the City Manager's "update" to City Council on items that are useful for scheduling purposes and/or communicating with constituents on matters of interest. It also  provides details on special events, and  City-wide accomplishments. Some examples include:
  • Project kick-offs and completions
  • Initiatives that will affect service valued by our citizens
  • Construction updates
  • Updates on governmental relations, and
  • Special Recognitions for outstanding achievements

Beams Placement Completed; On Ramp to Open Next Week

The contractor for the Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) completed placement of the beams on the Lindsey Street Bridge Wednesday night. Next Wednesday, the contractor will open the permanent westbound SH-9 to I-35 northbound on ramp. This will significantly improve the flow of traffic at the intersection of 24th Avenue SW and SH-9E.

Repair Complete; Roadway Reopened Thursday

Havenbrook Street reopened to vehicular and pedestrian traffic on Thursday following the repair to the bridge structure and roadway over Brookhaven Creek. The bridge was closed to all traffic in September after it collapsed. Installation of the pavement began on February 22 and sidewalks were installed Wednesday.

Pavement installation on Havenbrook Bridge
Pavement installation on Havenbrook Bridge

Yard Waste Collections Back to Weekly on March 1

Weekly yard waste collection started March 1. Yard waste collection is reduced to monthly during the winter months of December, January and February because of the very low usage rate. 

The much awaited compost release is set for March 25, just in time for spring time gardening. 

The annual residential Spring Clean Up is scheduled for Saturdays, April 1 through April 29. Residents with trash collection service on Mondays will have Spring Clean Up on April 1; April 8 is for residents with Tuesday service, April 15 for Wednesday, April 22 for Thursday, and April 29 for residents with Friday service. 

March Marks the End of the Dry Season

According to the Water Resources Division of the Association of Central Oklahoma Governments (ACOG), March marks the end of the dry season. It usually averages three inches, an inch more than February. Central Oklahoma peaks in May and June with around five inches each before the drier months of summer. (ACOG's Latest Drought Condition Report.)

Norman Ranked Number 206 

Norman was recently ranked 206 of the 250 Best Places to Pay Off Student Debt. The scoring system was based on four parameters: 1) Proportion of Millennials; 2) Average Cost of Rent; 3) Average Income; and 4) Unemployment Rate. ( Online Report)
From Oklahoma Municipal League, Issue No. 05-17, March 2, 2017 2017 Legislative Primer 
News Coverage, Documents and Articles That May Be of Interest to City Council
  • Burke, Mack. "Ear training: quiet zone leaves some longing for train's 'music'." Norman Transcript. 28 February 2017.  See article
  • Burke, Mack. "City honors women who helped shape its history." Norman Transcript. 1 March 2017.  See article
  • Hampton, Joy. "Residents concerned about dumped pets." 2 March 2017.  See article
  • Murphy, Sean. "S&P lowers bond rating for Okla." Norman Transcript. 2 March 2017.  See article
Resignations, Vacancies, Expired Terms (Members Still Serving), Upcoming Appointments and Reappointments     See Chart
Requiring Detours or Alternate Routes

Road Closures for the Coming Week 
Incident Summary 

Fire Related
Overpressure rupture, explosion
Emergency Medical
Hazardous Condition
Service Call
Good Intent
False Alarm
Special Incident
Severe Weather

The Norman Train Depot Reconstruction Project continues. Masonry work on the west side of the building, as well as the south parapet wall, is ongoing. The electrical contractor will complete installation of the electrical conduit in the newly constructed south portion of the building this week.

This week city staff attended the Certified Healthy Oklahoma Conference, Awards and Luncheon Recognizing Certified Healthy Businesses, Communities, Schools, Restaurants, Campuses, Early Childhood Programs and Congregations held at the Embassy Suites. The City of Norman was recognized as a 2016 Oklahoma Certified Healthy Community for the fourth consecutive year. The Certified Healthy Oklahoma Program is a free statewide certification showcasing organizations and communities committed to fostering environments that support healthy choices.

The 2017 Spring Youth Baseball and Softball League concluded registration on Monday with 1,315 players enrolled, ranging in age from 4 to 14. A draft was held Tuesday night to allow coaches to fill open rosters spots. This season 120 teams will play at both Griffin Community Park and Reaves Park. The season begins the weekend of April 1st.  
Residential and Commercial Activity 2/23/17-3/1/17       Detailed Report

Type Number  Combined Value Average Value
New single family residence permits
Residential addition or alteration permits
(20 storm shelters)

New single family residence applications
Residential addition or alternations applications
Demo applications 
fire damaged home


SH-9E and Lindsey Interchanges on Interstate 35
Construction on the I-35/ SH-9E and Lindsey Street Interchanges Reconstruction Project began on Monday, March 2, 2015. This is a $72 million construction project awarded to Sherwood Construction Company of Tulsa, Oklahoma. ODOT is administering the construction of this project. 

Next week, weather permitting the contractor's activities will be as follows:
  • Continue to place concrete pavement on Lindsey Street between I-35 and Ed Noble Parkway
  • Continue to place pavement on Lindsey Street between 24th Avenue SW and I-35 northbound ramps
  • Continue to place pavement on the I-35 northbound to Lindsey Street off ramp
  • Continue to place pavement on the I-35 southbound off ramp
  • Continue to place pavement on the SH-9 to I-35 northbound on ramp
Lindsey Street Bond Project
Construction on the Lindsey Street Bond Project began on Tuesday, July 5, 2016. This is a $28.4 million construction project under construction by Sherwood Construction of Tulsa, Oklahoma. The contract time is set at 500 days with a $5,000 per day incentive and a maximum of 100 days. Completion of this project is estimated to be October 2017. The Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) is administering the construction of this project. Lindsey Street between 24 Avenue and Berry Road will remain open during construction. 

Next week, weather permitting the contractor's activities will be as follows:
  • Continue to install the Imhoff Creek channel liner
  • Continue to install the concrete pavement for the inside lanes of the new roadway west of Berry Road
  • Continue to relocate the water line in eight different locations on McGee Drive and north to Camden Way in preparation for installing the new storm water drainage box that will relieve flooding in the area
  • Continue to construct the stormwater drainage system junction box at the intersection of Lindsey and McGee
  • Begin to reconstruct the northeast corner of the 24th Avenue SW and Lindsey Street intersection
  • Begin to install the stormwater drainage system on the north side of Lindsey Street from the west end of Bethel Baptist Church to the McGee Drive intersection.
On Monday, January 30 the contractor closed the north and south legs of the intersection of Lindsey Street and McGee Drive to install a new sewer line under Lindsey Street. The south leg of the McGee and Lindsey Intersection was reopened to traffic on Tuesday, February 21.The north leg will remain closed until June 2017 to install the sanitary sewer line and construct a stormwater drainage system junction box.
Traffic was shifted at the 24 Avenue SW and Lindsey Street intersection. The traffic on 24 Avenue SW will remain in the current location on the west side of 24 Avenue SW through the intersection. The traffic on Lindsey Street was shifted from the north side of Lindsey Street to the south side. This traffic shift allows the contractor to construct the northeast quarter of the intersection. This is the last portion of the intersection to be reconstructed. The intersection will be completed by the end of April

Franklin Road Bridge over the Little River
Construction on the Franklin Road Bridge Project began on January 16, 2017. This is a $3.7 million project under construction by Frontier Bridge of Okarche, Oklahoma. This project is a part of the 2012 Bond Program. Contract time is set at 180 days with an estimated completion date of July 15, 2017. The Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) is administering the construction of this project. The contractor closed Franklin Road between 24th Avenue NW and 12th Avenue NW to through traffic on January 16 for the duration of the project, in order to remove and reconstruct the bridge over the Little River. The detour during the construction of the project is Tecumseh Road. 

Next week, weather permitting the contractor's activities will be as follows:
  • Continue to remove the existing bridge over the Little River
  • Continue earthwork activities for the roadway and overflow channel
  • Continue to construct the footings for the bridge
2013 CDBG-DR Project Groups 1 and 2
Construction on the CDBG-DR Groups 1 and 2 began on June 16th, 2016. Project Group 1 includes:
  • 84th Avenue NE from Tecumseh Road to Franklin Road
  • Tecumseh Road from 84th Avenue NE to 120th Avenue NE
  • 96th Avenue NE from south of Rock Creek Road to Tecumseh Road 
Project Group 2 includes:
  • 108th Avenue SE, both from Etowah Road to State Highway 9
  • 120th Avenue SE, both from Etowah Road to State Highway 9
The major focus of work now is wrapping up construction on 108th Avenue SE and shifting more effort to 120th Avenue SE, both between Etowah Road and SH-9.
Next week the contractor's activities are as follows:
  • Continue AT&T utility relocations at various locations
  • Continue asphalt surface paving on 108th Avenue SE and 120th Avenue SE between Post Oak Road and SH-9
  • Continue asphalt surface paving on 120th Avenue SE between Etowah Road and Cedar Lane
  • Continue sod installation, cross drain installations, and entrance culvert installations on 120th Avenue SE between Post Oak Road and SH-9

FYE 2017 Concrete Projects bid was awarded on August 9, 2016 by City Council to Central Contracting services in the amount of $246,025.00 for the four following projects to be completed throughout the fiscal year 2017:
  • Citywide Sidewalk Reconstruction Program which is intended to assist property owners in repairing existing sidewalks and constructing new sidewalks along an entire city block. Property owners who wish to participate in the Citywide Sidewalk Reconstruction Project will pay fifty percent (50%) of the estimated cost, with the City paying the remaining fifty- percent (50%) from funds allocated to this project. Construction is scheduled to repair eight residential sidewalk locations in Deerfield and Park Place additions in northeast Norman and is expected to be complete by March 10, 2017. 
  • The Downtown Area Sidewalks and Curbs Program will repair hazardous or deteriorated sidewalks, ramps and curbs in the downtown area. The location will be concentrated on the north/south corridors on the east side of downtown, along Crawford Avenue north and south of Main Street. Construction to upgrade ramps and repair sidewalk on Crawford Avenue from Main Street to Eufaula Street will begin in mid-March 2017.
  • The Sidewalk Program for Schools and Arterials is used to construct new sidewalks adjacent to elementary schools that have no sidewalks and along walking routes to the schools. The location in this year's program is the south side of Westlawn Drive from Berry Road to Wylie Road, with new ramps crossing Wylie at the east entrance of Jackson School. Construction will begin at the end of the school year in May 2017.


2010 Street Maintenance Bond Program - Urban Road Reconstruction
The FYE 2010 Street Maintenance Bond Program, Urban Road Reconstruction 2016 location, on Iowa Street between Berry Road and Pickard Avenue, will start on Monday, March 6, 2017. The first phase of this project will be the replacement of the water line and the service connections to all homes in the project area. This portion of the work is being performed by City of Norman, Utilities Line Maintenance personnel. All work will be coordinated with effected residents to minimize any disruptions in service. Upon completion of the water line work, City of Norman, Public Works crews will construct the stormwater collection system and start the preparations for the new road.
2015 Street Maintenance Bond Program - Urban Concrete Arterial Streets
The FYE 2015 Urban Concrete Street portion of the 2010 Street Maintenance Bond Program was awarded to A-Tech Paving in the amount of $733,437 and approved by City Council on May 12, 2016. This work consists of select concrete panel replacement on Main Street between Berry Road and Park Drive. A-Tech is scheduled to resume work on Monday, March 6, 2017 on Main Street between Park Drive and Flood Avenue in the east and westbound inside lanes starting at Park Avenue and working to the west. 

Builders Workshop
On February 23, 2017, the Stormwater Division held its biannual Builders Workshop at the Builders Association of South Central Oklahoma's office. Fifteen (15) local builders and developers attended. Zack Henson, Stormwater Compliance Inspector, and Carrie Evenson, Stormwater Engineer, presented information on upcoming changes to state and local requirements, including the Lake Thunderbird Watershed Total Maximum Daily Load, and discussed proper installation and maintenance practices for some common construction site best management practices. 

During the week of March 6, 2017, speed trailers will be deployed at the following locations:
  • Biloxi Drive, between Lindsey Street and Beaumont Street (Ward 1)
  • Wood Avenue, between Canterbury Avenue and Robinson Street (Ward 8)
  • Bishop's Drive, between Rock Creek Road and Chamberlyne Way (Ward 8)

Lake Thunderbird water level is 20 inches below the top of the conservation pool.The Conservation pool is 91% full. The average daily water demand for the week was 10.2 MGD (Million Gallons per Day).

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