City of Big Lake Candidate Bios & Statements

City of Big Lake Candidate Bios and Statements
Following are the bios and additional statements from the candidates for City Council for the City of Big Lake.  If you have specific questions for the candidates, their e-mail links follow each bio.  The information below is presented exactly as it was provided by each candidate. 
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Sandy Baker

My parents bought property on Horseshoe Lake in the late '60's.  Back then it was slightly better than a horse trail to get back there.  As an adult, I had the opportunity to purchase the property from my parents and that is my home today.  My children have grown up being at the lake and now my granddaughter is able to experience lake life.  My professional career in radio and marketing has been nearly 30 years.  I have helped manage a franchise business and I have been the executive director of the Muscular Dystrophy Association.  Since 2010, I have been a Senior Account Executive at Country Legends 100.9 in Wasilla and am the events manager for the company.  I put on trade shows; the Anchorage Wedding Fair, the Alaska's Baby & Toddler Expo and the Big O Adventure Expo.  I have two grown daughters, a fabulous son-in-law and a beautiful granddaughter.  I currently serve on the Board of Directors for the Mat-Su Food Bank and Food 4 Kids.  I chose to run because this community has been a great part of my life and my children's lives and I believe it's my turn to give back.

I have watched Big Lake grow since first coming here in 1968.  Through the years I have watched this community prosper from being primarily a weekend recreational retreat to a full-time community and a great place to raise your family and retire.  In my opinion, our current Community Council has done their best in leading our community and keeping our needs in front of those who legislate.  Through no fault of their own, often times we are not granted a "seat at the the table" since we are not a city.  The ground work has been laid for our next step.  With the continued growth of the Mat-Su Valley and, in particular, the Big Lake Area, I believe we need to be in control of our destiny.  With integral projects like the rail spur and the port and the prison all happening in our "backyard."  If we don't take control of our destiny, then the Big Lake area, which we have all come to love, no matter how long we have lived, here will have a very different look to it.  I want Big Lake to continue to be a wonderful place to raise your family.  I want it to be a place my granddaughter will be proud to call home.

Chris Hoskinson

I served 37 years as a federal civil servant, traveling worldwide with the Department of Defense (DoD). During this period, I held various leadership positions before retiring as Chief Operating Officer for Army logistics in Alaska. I led and directed logistics operations for 20 thousand soldiers and family members while managing an annual staff operating budget of $7.6 million. Additionally, I controlled the maintenance and materiel management of equipment valued in excess of $2.6 billion. In this capacity, I was responsible for developing policies and procedures to ensure the combat readiness of Army forces worldwide. Earlier in my career, I was selected for, and graduated from, the DoD Budget Intern Program where I studied all aspects of Defense Resource Management.
  • Integrity
  • Leadership
  • Organizational Skills
  • Written and Oral Communication Skills
  • Analytical Skills
  • High Energy
  • Tenacity

My motivation to run for a seat on the Big Lake City Council is a desire to make a positive difference in our community, uphold the Alaska Constitution (specifically Article X, which states in part "to provide maximum LOCAL SELF-GOVERNANCE").  My husband and I were captivated years ago by Big Lake, primarily due to its recreational and small-town atmosphere and believe that we, the Big Lake residents, are the people that should be leading our community. I have the energy, skills, experience and passion to work with the community of Big Lake to ensure we maintain these qualities. I am a fiscal conservative and staunch advocate of government accountability.

My husband, Dennis, is a Program Manager with AT&T.   We have a daughter, three sons and seven grandchildren.   Maine Born - Alaskan by choice.

Ralph Lindberg 
(photo not available)

I am a retired police officer from Detroit, Michigan, where I was involved in crime prevention in SW Detroit, with a population of 90,000.  I settled in Cadillac, Michigan, and served as a County Drain Commissioner for 10 years and was appointed Director of Public Works where I managed 25 employees and ran its water system and county landfill.  My annual budget exceeded $5 million and saved over $14 million before resigning and moving to Big Lake to be with my daughter and four generations of family. 

I do not have any involvement in any organizations in Big Lake, however, I did serve in the Lion's Club in Cadillac, Michigan, where I investigated applicants for grants for the club for five years.

I decided to run because of the crime in the area and I have four generations in the area that needs to be safe guarded and 2.5 million in assets in property value in jeopardy.

Greg Quinton

As a third-generation Alaskan and member of an Alaskan pioneer family, I began at 10 years old as a set gill netter with my parents.  

1963 - present: Member and journeyman International Union of Operating Engineers and International Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners.  Ski Instructor.  Substitute school teacher for the Anchorage School District.  GQ Legal Services:  contract work and counseling.

Lobbied the federal lead biologist to eradicate invasive Northern Pike from Big Lake, Mud Lake and Flat Lake.

Motive to run:  To include my voice in a process that will ensure Big Lake retains it's traditions and culture, not some centrally planned aberration designed by a far removed progressive intellectual.

Goals:  To be responsive to the constituency and do what I'm told on their behalf.  To offer thoughtful, well-researched solutions to issues raised by the "people" to see we live within our means.

Strengths and Skills:  An open mind, problem solver, generally clear mind, possessor of common sense, sensitive to a broad range of people.  Knowledge of construction at several levels.  I am a political economist, I have a law degree and practical experience.  Am a "bulldog on a bone" kind of guy.  A sincere intention to serve.
Yvonne Ruth

I was born and raised in Anchorage, had been a "weekender" for years and finally made Big Lake my home in 2001.
I have been married to my husband, Brian, for 20 years and we have a daughter who is a junior at Houston High School.
I have worked for Alaska Sewer & Drain for the past 15 years.
Currently, I am the treasurer for the Big Lake Community Council and the Vice President of the Houston High Basketball Booster Club.  I was president of the Big Lake Elementary PTA, Treasurer for the Matanuska Soccer Club and a member of the Big Lake Comprehensive Plan.  I have volunteered at various events for Big Lake Elementary, Houston Middle School, Houston High School and Mid-Valley Recycling.
In my opinion, Big Lake is the perfect place to live.  Quaint, beautiful and not too far from the bigger cities, but this area is growing and changing.  I believe it's time that we, the residents of Big Lake, lead ourselves in the direction we would like.  If we don't, one day we will all be wondering what happened to our community and by then it will be too late to do anything.

Larry Schmidt
  • Raised in Montana and Alaska
  • Graduated from Nome High School
  • Two years college in accounting
  • Idaho National Guard
  • Regular Army
  • Vietnam Veteran
  • Road Construction and Equipment School
  • Worked for Kiewit Construction
  • Inventory Control Clerk Amalgamated Sugar Factory
  • Planning and Zoning and City Council, Greenleaf, Idaho
  • Fifteen years on oil drilling rigs
  • USPS until downsizing
  • Owned Two Lees Emu Ranch
  • Board of Adjustments and Appeals, Mustang, Oklahoma
  • Drove semi-trucks 15 years
  • Retired, started Valley Spas and More, McCall, Idaho
  • Sold business
  • Moved to Alaska
  • Purchased home in Big Lake, August, 2014
  • Appointed to Mat-Su Borough Board of Adjustments and Appeals
  Candidate Statement:
  • Desire to serve
  • Work on getting our roads brought up to standard so emergency responders can reach all of our residents
  • My familiarity with road construction and maintenance will help with setting road standards
  • Encourage new business development to generate more revenue thus keeping taxes in check to reach road standard goals sooner
  • Will look at long-term effects of any decisions being considered
  • Want a city in which we can all take pride
  • Help build a strong foundation for our future generations as they take over the reins of leadership
  • I believe my past service and experience will benefit the City of Big Lake

Lolly Symbol

I have lived in Biglake Alaska since 1989 and I currently resides here where and am raising my two young boys, Vincent and Gideon Mahoney.  I am running for a seat on the BigLake city Council because I am passionate about BigLake and it's future. I have been and will continue to be an honest voice for the people who also live here.  During all the chaos and confusion over this incorporation process, I have done my due diligence to search for the truth.  I decided to vote against incorporation after I discovered many flaws in the petitioner's statements as well as on their fliers they have passed out.  I have gathered the actual truth from the Mat-Su Borough and am spending countless hours of my personal time, in an effort to disburse this information to as many BigLake residents as possible, so they can make a truly informed decision when they vote.   It seems there is a lot about the budget, the process, the petitioners public records and where our money really went, that people have not been told. 

I attend and am involved in a local church here in BigLake, Faith Bible Fellowship.  I do enjoy assisting them with fundraisers and other projects and has had the opportunity and the ability to go on mission trips with them.  I have worked with several local charities in assisting them with fundraising events such as the BigLake community clothing closet, toys for tots, Santa cop, March For Dimes, Sockeye fire victims & many more.  I joined the Susitna Rotary in an effort to better utilize recourses & have the opportunity & ability to support the community on a larger scale.   Also through my business, Symbol's Flooring, I have been able to donate flooring materials to those in need as well as installation to those who otherwise would not have been able to afford it.

Incorporation Debate - Saturday

The Big Lake community is invited to attend a debate between the Vote Yes supporters and the Vote No opponents on Saturday, October 9th, 4:00 pm at the Big Lake Lion's Rec Center.  
This communication was paid for by City of Big Lake, Vote Yes of Big Lake, Alaska. Floyd Shilanski, chair approves this message. Top contributors are Floyd, Shilanski, Big Lake, Alaska; Jim Faiks, Big Lake, Alaska and Carol Kane, Big Lake, Alaska.