The Light Center Newsletter   Giving Thanks Every Day!   November, 2016
Greetings from Jedi Genii,

It has been awhile since I last shared up dates that have been given me to report on the City of Light now coming forth in the Sedona area, but all is very much on course...of course!  So here are some updates from my Inner City Guides and visits into the Embassy as well. Enjoy, for impossible things are happening every day.

As I shared last time we have not been on vacation; quite the contrary. It has been getting very exciting since our last newsletter and indeed there is a Divine Impact coming, ready or not. Have you noticed any changes taking place? Strange feelings, physically, mentally and for us women of course, emotionally, going on lately? Oh My God! Indeed. I understand this is divinely set as Ascension wave taking place, and also due to a City of Healing Light coming forth, plus maybe a couple more areas like daily living. I am surprised that we all are not floating in space.

In our last newsletter we shared an article from Dr. Rick Cohen ASCENSION ISN'T FOR SISSIES!!!  Since then due to even more "growth-engendering" roller coaster rides we have been experiencing, Charles (Dr.) BetterTOWN has amended Rick statement to: Ascension Isn't for sissies. . . . it's a B.I.T.C.H."

Of course what he means by that what we are going through is a Brilliantly Integrated Transformational Consciousness-Raisng Heaven/Happening! As a result of what Dr. Rick and I and so many other Lightworkers have been experiencing, we will be sharing examples of the challenging situations we have been dealing with and also providing a few resources for Love, Light and Healing in this issue.

Genii Shares Some of Her Ascension Experiences 
Genii Shares Some of Her Ascension Experiences
PS. I want to thank Dr. Rick, Rev. Diana, Charles Betterton and all the many others who helped me celebrate my birthday with a lovely dinner at the Javalina Cantina. Rick had been in Sedona for a few days attending The Bridge to Now Council of Love event with Linda Dillon and as the 4 of us were being served, several others who were attending the event came and just happened to be seated next to us, Imagine That! Here are just a few of my new Forever Friends including Dana and GiGi who have offered to help us bring The 4 Keys to Light to San Diego. (More details on that event below.) Photos compliments of Dana and Glen Anderson Thank You!

Invitation to Help Genii Celebrate at Disneyland!
Would You Like to Help Our Beloved Jedi Genii Continue to Celebrate Her Special Birthday at Disneyland, Her Favorite Place (other than the City of Light)?

Many of you know that Genii is working on a book to share the amazing messages she has received from Walt Disney while sitting on benches on Main Street in Disneyland since 2003. Her favorite time of year to visit is during the Christmas Holidays and this year, her wish is be there again to finish God, Walt Disney and Me, Imagine That!

If you would like to make a donation or help grant one of Jedi Genii's Wishes in any other way, (perhaps becoming a Charter Member of The Light Center or signing up for The 4 Keys to Light classes, please contact us at 
Highlights of Messages Genii Has Received Recently
We want to bring everyone up to date on the Guidance that Genii has been getting since the last issue of the newsletter. Here are just a few examples.
City Embassy Visit, November 3, 2016
As I settle myself in to release my daily duties and venture into the invisible city of God's love, I see the entrance into the City once more. Wow! How many times have I done this before?  I am quite aware that this City of Light is on the ground now, (even being able once to see it as I moved aside the veil to see an entrance) as Diana and I sat in her car trying to physically see something. Anything would do besides the ground covered with weeds and an occasional holy cow.
Then like magic I saw through the so-called veil, a huge open entrance, with not one but 3, entities in robes of color waving a welcome. I giggled in surprise. Diana seemed not see them, however she did capture with her camera the space crafts over head in the clouds. Good work, Sister Diana!
Is the City of Light here? Oh my yes, can be my only answer. This Embassy trip is through my usual conscious light path, but to continue my adventure of going into the City that I see, the little space car that has no driver, only dashboard buttons that show the
location desired appears. By pushing a button, you end up at that location. Imagine that!
So, I hop in, push the Embassy location and here I am at the Embassy lobby with yummy smelling flowers and ready to talk with head space Light Master Ooo-Lon. This main area usually holds a massive amount of space friends, but not today. On the very large stage is Ooo-Lon awaiting our chat. I enter, get an electric hug and we begin.
G: "Hi Ooo-lon. It is good to be back."
O: "Many changes are taking place as we ready to enter your world."
G: "I feel so honored to be able to preview this process and thus I can share as we go forward. What can you tell me?"
O: "Ah yes, the normal question again which is when? If I told you, what would then be the surprise? We can say we have put the City together and sent it here? Indeed, we are of far advanced thinking of the 5th dimension and to bring this City into the heavy thinking illusion of the 3rd dimension time level, whose people have not really moved far in the healing methods from 3rd grade, is quite a feat. So, to explain this would lead to more mental confusion. Let's just say it is MAGIC! GOD'S MAGIC.
"When the City is in your realm, the scientists and doctors will be able to enter into our advanced technology and eliminate the way healing is now being done. Healing the mind begins in the Body Temple. Finding the reason for the illness begins here and the students are able to do just that through their light source. Your people may say, 'this way of healing is just pure God magic', and in process they are correct. Does this help a bit?"
 G: "Well it's a good start. May I come back if needed?"
O: "Of course, just know that we are soon to appear, like magic, in a surprise way. This surprise is one of a kind - - relax and enjoy the magic of it all."
G: "We are so blessed. Thank you!"
And with this, the City scene closed like a curtain on the stage. This surprise should be fun, thanks for tuning in."
Impossible Things Are Happening Every Day!
Guidance, October 11, 2016
G: "What is to be known?"
A: "The days of light come soon as the City of Healing finishes itself for the appearance in your world of 3rd dimension, like an actor dressing for his part he is playing to an excited audience. The costume of color must be perfect. As you open your book, SOMETHING'S COMING, CITIES OF LIGHT, and read of your guided travels into the City through meditation, realize you have been into many of the healing buildings and have experienced what will be quite new to your current world.
"Dear one, all is looking good and as a City Guide I respond to the courage it takes to just be in a waiting place of seeing, feeling and looking forward to entering the absolute wonder God has produced to cleanse any and all negativity still in place on your planet. Cleansing your planet is very much in order and NOW !
"It would be wise to record all your updates for history as people will want to know that inner guidance works in mysterious ways such as seen with your City Light Center Newsletter. This keeps humans tuned in to the closeness of the city appearance, especially during this election time. It has been spoken that a meeting with the current President Obama who carries this City in his DNA system, unknown, should occur, so be open and watch for ways to do just that. We will guide you. So then, be at peace and bring love and peace and healing to those who desire it, through the impossible God looks to deliver." SO LOVE IT BE!

Knock, Knock God Calling!
Guidance October 10, 2016

As you see and hear of who will be the major leader the United States, a matter of high importance that blasts through the television etc. with confusion, has as its title "Who Will Win." Quietly in the unseen sits God's Gift to all nations, A CITY OF LOVE AND LIGHT AND HEALING that will open its entrances even to those whose egos are now fussing about this or that! This City, unknown to most, will appear, but who will be able to accept this loving gift of gentleness and healing?  Who will exclaim 'OH MY GOD' and get down on their knees in recognition and appreciation that heaven has just suddenly arrived.  Could it be the second coming? 
Genii, you are so close to having this City of holy Love and Light Healing so know that the world and its contents will end peacefully with love and quiet. What is now in conflict with decisions and turmoil, that is what will help the people to see the truth of any situation that presents itself.  Stay in the love mode of God and watch for the one who can really handle the God surprise of any lifetime. KNOCK, KNOCK -- GOD CALLING! 

Nearer My God To Thee Thank You!
City Visit October 6, 2016

Genii Inner vision - - As I approach a City Gate alone with no others sighted  around, there are lightening type strikes overhead but no storms appearing.  The City appears with colored lights looking like a giant magnificent colored vision all lit up, just like I saw it in a quickly given moment one night outside my home - - AWESOME! As it is now on ground about 15 minutes away.. As The electrical strikes overhead go on and off, it is light and dark.  What a jewel of as sight - OH MY! Does God know how to build the unbuildable? You bet!  As I step through an entrance of the 5-story gate, I see my city guide, La-Luke, smiling as an overhead lighting strike lights him up. 

G: "What is going on?"

LL: "You want the City appearance?"
G: "Me and a million others -- Yes please!" 

LL: "Well, space technology is in action from the High Tower Uniphase Power Capsules, at your service.  Come, let's go to the Embassy." 

Just then a City car (with no driver) pulls up and we just push the buttons to where we want to go. The inside of the City could take your breath away as it is so beautiful. I bet one could feel healed just by stepping inside.  After a quick ride to the Embassy location, we step out and enter the rear entrance and step onto the Embassy stage where Ooo-lon comes forth smiling for a friendly hug.  That is when I notice there is no audience - all seats are empty.  Imagine that!

 G: "What is going on and when may I ask again?"

 O: "The answer is simply that all the lights and electrical equipment are being tested, and we are closer to your world appearance than at any other visit when you asked the same question for the thousandth time.  This God gift perfection has to, as you were told, heal mentally, emotionally and physically.  WHEN IT WAS SAID THAT THIS CITY WILL HEAL...IT WILL HEAL! 

"The newest healing technology building is named "THE BODY TEMPLE" where in the (mental areas) illness begins.In this building, illness will be checked and cleared under the human connection of Dr. Rick Cohen of your world and the Universal City beings of this technology. Even now this 'Light-Linked' human doctor is being taught what he needs to know with the City coming into view and from Rev. Dr. Bill Townsend's Guide book entitled " Your Body Bible" as, this building is very important in healing the mental contributor of illness.   Many who have had the holy corridor opened through the 4 Keys to Light will, as guided, play a part in the City and human healing.  Now it is time for you to rest, so we close this session."  
And the mental picture screen stopped.

G: "Thank you Ooo-lon, I rest. So love it be."  
Who Is Pulling Whose Strings?
Guidance, September 27, 2016 
G: ''Good morning.  What am I to be aware of this cloudy day including, the City and its importance? Thank you.
*A: The Genii is to be the one to introduce the City, as you have carried this mental emotional idea of the City mission since before birth."
G: "Oh, before birth?"

A: "The City has been your mission as earlier lives have led you to this very point, somewhere in time called NOW !  Being in the entertainment field of pulling puppet strings on designed funny characters, which you also created and brought to life to delight children and adults of all ages, was your pre-work.   You had your own sort of City with Geniiland where you learned to talk and sing on stage which will now become very important. This was all pre-set and the universe was backing up your future in a fun way.

"Then also came the Disneyland introduction and in its delight, you lit up.  (God in action pulling strings), as you would find out on a green bench on  main street and Mr. Disney, in spirit form,  encouraged you to go forward as he would support your efforts; but still, God was pulling your strings. NOW, you see God has been pulling your strings to prepare you (unknowing back then) that somewhere in your life would be revealed that indeed this City of Healing would be brought to your attention and you would be required to carry the City to its Holy Revelation! 

"What would be considered a regular life for you was all pre-planned and as you and the world will see, a Gift from God to all the people on your planet as you have stayed the course with it day in and day out. Imagine that! This is beyond anything regular.  NOW, comes the test of that mission as the world seeks out the one who knew about this so-called City enough to stay and report what is to come  and soon, in the 'Somethings Coming' book from The Light Center.  Her name now is Jedi Genii at your service, and even that was pre-planned. Imagine That!"

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How To Care for Yourself During Ascension
I first heard the expression NOT FOR SISSIES used when a neighbor of mine was referring to getting older and all the health challenges that he was currently facing. He got real serious and said to me, GETTING OLDER IS NOT FOR SISSIES!! As many of us have been experiencing first hand the emotional, mental and physical ROLLER COASTER of the ASCENSION PROCESS this phrase once again came into mind and I thought WOW!! ASCENSION IS NOT FOR SISSIES EITHER!!!

Just remember as your ROLLER COASTER ride continues to throw you all around, up and down, that ASCENSION IS NOT FOR SISSIES !!!!!!  After all you are a lot TOUGHER than you think you are, or you would not have signed up for this in this lifetime. All you have to do is HANG ON!!  For it appears this ride is almost over and then we have to get busy doing GOD' S WORK. My hat's off to all the Courageous LIGHTWORKERS who are going through this. GOD BLESS US ALL !!!!!!!!! For more information please see the web site we are developing at

Here's a short note I received recently from Dr. Rick you may also enjoy and appreciate as I do along with his video we are sharing with you here. Genii

Hi Genii, I would like to share a couple of things with you about this Ascension Process/Journey we are all on. I recently read a current channeling of Jesus, and he said if you are feeling exhausted and empty, then that is PERFECT! That is because it means we are all now ready to be filled up with all The New Energies and Information needed to move forward To our ASCENSION ( I have paraphrased this) Reading that certainly made me feel better, even though I am Still exhausted and feeling empty some days.

The other thing I have realized going through this interesting Evolutionary Experience is, when we RELEASE all Human ILLUSION You know what happens?  We then become DIS-ILLUSIONED !!!!!! And how many of us have been feeling that way lately. To all who may read this, please do not lose your Sense of Humor during this process, I certainly won't as sometimes that Is the only thing that gets me through. I am certain the Finish Line is close, so strap on your shoes And stay in the race,  (and don't forget to drink a lot of water as this will help your body with the releasing process).
Sending Love, Light and a Good Sense of Humor. The Doc
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"Dear Genii: Memories, Love, Friendship, extraordinary wonderful Time of Healing.  Something 'did' happen.  My spirituality has Truly Blessed into un-imaginable heights.  Thank you." -- Barbara Forever Friends 444 

"The 4 Keys was/is a memorable and moving experience.  Having the tools to access both the higher sources of light and my guide makes me finally feel equipped to move into the future with confidence.  I look forward to learning and growing with my 'light partners'!!! With great love and gratitude." -- Condelia    

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Genii Townsend and Rev. Diana Runge Introduce The 4 keys to Light 
Genii Townsend and Rev. Diana Runge Introduce The 4 Keys to Light 
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Mike Quinsey's Higher Self Message, October 28, 2016 

"Somewhere within each soul is the appreciation of beauty, but many have allowed themselves to drop down in vibrations and focused on that which is undesirable. You will see the higher expressions when the first City of Light manifests very soon in Sedona, USA. It is there out of sight except to those who are of the higher vibrations and simply awaits the right time to fully manifest on Earth. It is a golden City of Healing Centres and will be open to those who need help and healing. Some of you will already be aware of their existence and have read Genii Townsend's books about them. The Cities are just one of the wonderful sights that you will see once the New Age can fully come into being." To read Michael's complete message that references Cities of Light and also subscribe to receive them through The Tree of the Golden Light Click Here.
Please Visit The Love Center for Wonderful Publications and Free Resources including The Love Quiz and Love Course Become a Love Master!

Welcome to Golden Light with Scotty Peck, Cofounder of The Love Center

We are all seeking to lead our highest possible life. Our lives may have many "faces," but there is an inner theme that flows from our soul.  or me, that theme is Love. I believe we are all on the path of Light, even when we don't know it or feel it. Our rising in Light is inescapable. Once I get a little more courage, I'll be sharing more about what I've learned about the Golden Light. For now, I've added some love poems by Scottygi - that's me trying to find a name that better defines my soul. May you feel the Light in your visit here. May your heart be comforted. I am sending Golden Light, right now, to lift your soul. Love, Scotty.  Read more at his new site

Discover and Experience Healing with Love by Shannon Peck, Cofounder of The Love Center. Increase Your Spiritual Practice & Power for a Happier Life! 
Resources from HeartMath Including Solutions for Stress

HeartMath Institute's long years of scientific research and clinical trials have helped improve thousands of people's lives worldwide. Whether you, a friend or loved one is seeking help for job stress, anxiety, fatigue, sleeplessness or another stressful condition, you will find proven, easy-to-use and free solutions here. Each page describes a major stressor, scientific research on its underlying causes and triggers, and a HeartMath Tip with a tool for immediate and ongoing relief. Included on some pages are a tool's benefits and what people are saying about their experiences with HeartMath resources. Be sure to look for the recommendation on each of the Major Stressors pages for resources such as e-books and technology for additional relief. Solution for Stress,  Solution for Anxiety, Solution for Overwhelm, Solution for Burnout and Fatigue, Solution for Sleeplessness, Solution for Energy, Solution for Job Stress. Take the Stress & Well-Being Survey! Click Here to Learn More
Shifting from the 3rd to 5th Dimension

"This is a time where everything comes to a head, on all levels. The recent election  and the before-and-aftermath is a perfect example. We, the Light Workers are the trail blazers on a path for which there is no role model.  Other than, we have concepts and ideas that we are invited to LIVE to the full, being aware of what we think, feel, say or do at every given moment. That in itself may seem familiar. However, the depth and the consistency of living it in every Now Moment is unequalled. Walking our talk, relentless awareness and being in and acting from our heart at all times! All the while, we honor and love ourselves, as we follow our heart's highest excitement, without any attachment or expectation about the outcome. Our mind does not know what Divine Providence's plan is. We surrender and listen." -- Amayra and Michael Hamilton, cofounders of Angel Valley in Sedona.

If you're interested, you can download a 2 page PDF of the beautiful and inspiring Angel Valley Philosophy, Vision, Mission and the 5th Dimension Principles and Beliefs Michael and Amayra are living AND demonstrating as examples for making the shift from 3D to 5D at  The latest Angel Valley newsletter titled "The Perfection Of It All" is also available at 
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As  this  newsletter goes to press, I want to thank you including all the Light Links who have completed The 4 Keys to Light sessions for your continued love, light, sacred tones, and overall interest in this very unusual Gift from God to make us all feel better. This world we live in is sacred and love helps keep it so when we use that God love as our shield against Darkness (ignorance) that we also run into.
God IS, I AM and we are certainly about to prove it!

In the Light of all there is, there is Love!
In the Love of all there is, there is God 
giving us thanks for all the Love
sent back to the One who
created Love for us to be thankful for.
Happy Thanksgiving one and all every day and every where! 
See you soon in the City of Light Sedona.

All of us helping with The Light Center of Sedona Deeply Apprecia-Love You! 
Sincerely your Forever Friend,

      Genii Townsend

P.S. I invite you to open any page of my book Something's Coming: Universal  Cities of Light, Love, and Healing! and take a walk through the pages with me, share the adventure and experience what you will find coming forth near Sedona, with 13 more to follow around the world. I  bet you will enjoy what you will find there, Imagine That!