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NFD:  "I want to thank you for your prompt response to my stove fire. We are lucky to have you on the job." Citizen Nina Ward for Buddy, Chris, Denise and Shannon

2nd  Quarter 2016

Welcome to the second quarterly report for 2016. We hope you will find the information very useful.   If you have any questions regarding this report, please do not  hesitate to contact Public Information Office at 770.253.2682 ext 203 or Email  

Picture above: City Manager Cleatus Phillips, Mayor Brady along with City Councilmember George Alexander,  Mayor Pro Tem Cynthia Jenkins, Councilperson Ray Dubose, Councilmember Clayton Hicks (not in attendance Council members Shell and Koritko) and members from CPS break ground at the Howard Warner School.
Protocol - New City Gateway Signage 

Signage Project
This project consists of the design and construction of gateway signage in certain areas of the City. The design is complete and was accepted by City Council. Included in the design are historic aspects such as the lighted portion of the Primary Gateway pictured to the right. It was inspired by the sign above the historic Carnegie Library. There will be several phases of this project as far as fabricating and erecting the signage. The 1st phase of this program is complete. In the 1st Phase there was 6 secondary signs erected. The signs are located on Temple Avenue, Lower Fayetteville Road, 5 Points Intersection, LaGrange Street, Hwy 29 South, and Hwy 29 North. The Main Primary sign is located at the I85 @ SR 34 Interchange. There has also been an informational kiosk installed on the Court Square. Funding for this project is SPLOST 2013. 
Report on projects
What's new this quarter? Newnan Exit 47 Enhancements
This project has enhanced the overall aesthetics of the I-85 Interchange at SR 34. here will be several phases implemented over a number of years however, this particular Phase is complete. This was a joint funding effort through a GDOT Gateway Grant and the City is currently awaiting final acceptance from GDOT and the final reimbursement grant funds of up to $50,000. The grant matching funds will came from the General Fund.