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4th  Quarter 2016

Welcome to the fourth quarterly report for 2016. We hope you will find the information very useful.   If you have any questions regarding this report, please do not  hesitate to contact Public Information Office at 770.253.2682 ext 203 or Email  

Picture above: Mayor Brady visiting students at Jefferson Pkwy Elementary and talked about local government  @Jefferypanthers
Protocol -Municipal Building Renovations
What's new this quarter? Tinseltown hits 2016 Newnan's Christmas Parade to be featured in the family friendly film Quigley 2
Newnan's annual Christmas parade, along with some of the city's decorated homes and businesses, will make cameos in an upcoming family movie sequel.
The Newnan City Council approved a request from the director of "Quigley 2," William Byron "Bill" Hillman, to film the Dec. 10 parade in its entirety. According to a letter submitted to the city by Hillman, the parade will be featured in the "happy ending" of the sequel.  "It's a very family-friendly film the city of Newnan will be proud to participate in and share the town's Christmas excitement with the world," Hillman wrote.
excerpt taken from Bill Hillman's letter and NTH article