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It's time, once again, to put on your walking shoes, pump-up the air in those bicycle tires and head to Claremont. Here's a brief overview of upcoming events and venues . Something cool's often happening here.

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Claremont Village Pie Festival

Saturday March 18

YUMMY annual event in the heart of the Claremont Village. Free Admission.

Pie Baking & Eating Contests / Vintage Aprons / Pie Recipe Card Hunt / Car Show / Vendors / Demos / Sidewalk Sale

Guided Walking Tours

The Claremont Colleges
Saturday, March 25 - 9:30am 

Focusing on history and architecture  

Claremont Village
Saturday, April 1 - 10:00am for details

Claremont Museum of Art
Fundraising Event

Collect a Brush with a Past -- Presented by Art Work Studio, a unique fundraiser event March 25-29 to benefit the Claremont Museum of Art. This event will feature over 35 artists' used brushes, for sale or silent auction as collectible memorabilia and will be held at Bunny Gunner Gallery.
View info at

Photo Credit: Anne Seltzer  
Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden

Wildflower Walk Weekends
March 25 thru April 30
Saturdays at 10am / Sundays at 1pm
Poetry Day in the Garden
Sat April 1 . 10-3

Claremont Eclectic: A Tour of 6 Gardens

Sunday, April 9 . 1-4pm . $20/person
Check-in at Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden. Enjoy a memorable afternoon touring unique Claremont garden settings. 

Bridges Hall of Music

Concerts performed at this Pomona College including those by Claremont Symphony Orchestra and Claremont Young Musicians Orchestra may be found at: 
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Claremont Heritage - Judy Wright books special offer
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New in 2017: More Postcards! 
PhotoArt of Claremont by Mindi Meader
New postcard shown here will be available soon.
Selection varies at each site.
Magnets, postcards and greeting cards are sold at the Birkenstock store in the Village.

Magnets and postcards are available at Claremont Heights Postal Center. Postcards (only) at Claremont Heritage.  
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