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Class of 2016 Boasted Highest Graduation Rate in
Barrow County Schools History

The Barrow County class of 2016 boasted the highest graduation rate of any class in BCSS history since graduation rates were consistently measured statewide (around 2000). In Georgia, graduation rates are measured by the "cohort" method. Cohort methods measure what percentage of students at a school graduate within four years of entering high school. Students that transfer to other schools in or out of state, or who move to home schooling, do not count in the cohort rate.

In 2016, 83.9% of Barrow County students in their fourth year of high school, or who would have been had they not dropped out, graduated with a high school diploma. This was notably higher than the state of Georgia overall graduation rate of 79.2%. This also marks the high point for the Barrow County School System's graduation rate since the advent of graduation rate measurements.

Superintendent Dr. Chris McMichael said "These most recent results underscore the continuous focus of all our teachers and staff members on providing every single student in our system with opportunities to succeed and reach the goal of a high school diploma. I am very proud of the dedication and high expectations that the high schools (supported by our middle and elementary schools) have embraced over the past few years as evidenced by the overall trend of the rising district graduation rate each year!" Read Press Release!

Thank You Partners In Education
For Being Super!

We are celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Barrow County Partner In Education program! It began in 1991 as a joint venture with the schools and business members of the Chamber of Commerce. Brad Akins and Marshall Britt of Akins Ford were two of the original members in this new program and they are still with us today.

Thank you Partners In Education for the many ways you give of your time and resources to each of our schools. Some examples that come to mind are ...serving as spelling bee judges; providing job shadowing experiences for students; being a guest reader in classrooms; sponsoring student recognition programs like student of the month or perfect attendance; providing and serving breakfast or lunch for all school staff members; donating a gift certificate for a special school event, recognizing and co-sponsoring our Teachers of the Year, and working together with us on community projects like Food 2 Kids, the Barrow Book Partnership, REACH, Relay for Life or March of Dimes...and the list goes on and on. Partners In Education "Make a Difference"! For more information about the Partners In Education Program contact Ellen Petree at or 770-867-4527. Visit "Our Community" web page.

Pictures of the Partners In Education Celebration Luncheon

Jackson EMC Awards 9 BCSS Middle School
Teachers $11,979 for Bright Ideas 

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