The last week of the year is time for me to clean out my home office. Over the course of the year, it becomes a mess. I have stuff I thought I needed (that I don't), stuff I
My Office Before the Purge
Do your content and processes look like this? 
thought I needed (that I do), and general leftovers from projects, teaching, students, and all the other things I do all year long. By the end of the year, there is barely room for me! 
So, the annual purge starts. 
Your content and processes are similar to my office, except they don't get cleaned out once a year. Not because you're lazy, but really, who has time? You're trying to meet deadlines and simply get your job done. 
Content issues
You know your content need a good housekeeping. You have content that's never used, should be updated, is out of step. You know you need to be reusing more content but don't know where to start. 

Process issues
You know your processes also need a tune-up. You know there are better ways to do things but the every day overwhelms you. You know there is industry best practices you should learn about and adapt for your situation. 

Tools issues
You also know you should be looking at the tools out there to see if they can help you solve some of this. And that makes you want to sit under your desk and breath into a paper bag. The thought of contacting vendors, listening to everyone tell you they can solve your every problem is too much to think about. 

This is like an unholy trinity of challenges. Who has time for all this? 

You need help
Your content and processes could look like this
It is overwhelming. You're right. And still it needs to be done because every year you put this off, it gets bigger. You know this. You also know this is costing you money if you don't do it. 
For example, how much does it cost to rewrite content when it already exists, if only you could find it? 
That's why you need someone to help. You need a set of eyes and a set of hands to help guide you through. Someone who is not so attached to the mound of stuff and knows how to get you where you need to be. 
I was overwhelmed with the state of my office this year so a friend helped me. With her help, we were able to quickly and efficiently get everything cleaned, sorted, and filed. It wasn't painful and we laughed a lot in the process. 

When you're ready

Tuck away my contact information. When you're ready to start, I can help. I've done this before. We can get you organized and maybe laugh a bit in the process.  


Sharon Burton