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Q.  All companies create value statements.  How can you tell what a company really values?   
A.  Where a company chooses to invest its resources is a good indicator of what is valued.  What behaviors and achievements are financially rewarded?  What are the business objectives this year?  What initiatives/projects are being sponsored by the CEO?  Listen to or read the quarterly/annual reports to see where investments are made.   

DontApologize ClearRock is Growing the Team
ClearRock is pleased to announce the addition of two Career Transition Consultants.
Lisa Samaraweera

Lisa Samaraweera joins with a  bac kground in counseling psychology, and  sp ec ializes in  working with individuals who are in career transition, as well as professionals seeking to refine their lead ership style and personal impact within an organization. 

Erica Rydzewski
Erica Rydzewski has particular exp erti s e in helping individuals
to assess their skills, develop their brand, create a powerful resume and LinkedIn profile, as well as help guide those individuals to effectively position themselves for networking and interviewing.  
ManagingYourCareerManaging Your Career
C learRock offers the following advice on getting your career unstuck - by either resolving issues with your current employer or finding another job:
1.  Have a talk with your boss.  A good starting point is a frank discussion with your manager about your potential, possibilities to take on more responsibilities, make your job more challenging, or transfer to another department or role.

2.  Determine whether it's worth staying with your employer.  Rate the major factors - such as compensation and benefits, opportunity for advancement, relationships with your manager and co-workers, and how much you like the job - as either positives or negatives. Then, see if there are more plusses or minuses to guide you on whether to stay and try to work things out or seek career satisfaction elsewhere.
In its most recent survey regarding severance, ClearRock found 80% of employers are providing the same amount of severance as they did three years ago.
Nearly all respondents (98%) stated Reduction in Force/Job Elimination as a reason for providing severance.  58% provide severance based on Poor "Fit" for the Job or Organization. 
More than 6 out of 10 employers state "Years of Service" as a determining factor for an employee to receive severance.  This was closely followed by the fact that the employee must be full-time (nearly 61%).  The percentage dropped to less than 20% for part-time Employees. 
Years of Service was also the top factor for determining the amount of severance by nearly all respondents.  Just over 50% stated "Salary Grade/Level" as a factor while 40% said full-time employment status and pre-negotiated employment agreements are factors.  Many respondents added that the reason for exit was the deciding factor whether an employee receives a severance or not and, if so, the amount they receive. 
More than one hundred organizations participated in ClearRock's 2016 Severance Survey. Seventy percent of respondents are from companies headquartered in New England and the remaining thirty percent are spread across the country.  Respondents represent more than fifteen industries with the top three being Pharmaceutical/Biotech, Financial Services, and Health Care.  The largest number of respondents (30%) was from companies with 101-500 employees.
When an employee is laid-off, they are often required to work through a specific date in order to qualify for severance.  In this year's survey, 38%  of organizations stated they do not have policies on how work-through dates affect severance.  This is an improvement, however, on the "more than half" who responded that they did not have a policy related to work-through dates in our 2011 severance survey. More than one-third of respondents do not provide any severance if the employee leaves during the work-through period.
Organizations noted that, in general, severance payments continue whether the employee finds another job or not as long as the employee remains through the work-through date (if that is even a requirement).  Severance would stop, however, if the employee accepts another position within the company.
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 Survey Learn How to Succeed in the Age of Disruption

ClearRock and M2 Partners are pleased to invite HR Thought Leaders and Business Leaders to hear Shane Cragun and Kate Sweetman share key findings from their recently published book "ReInvention: Accelerating Results in the Age of Disruption."    
Join us as Kate and Shane talk about the ability to reinvent oneself and one's organization and to pivot quickly and effectively in disruptive times.  It will be one of the most important competencies organizations and leaders must master in the 21st Century. 

Event Details:
  • Tuesday, September 13, 2016
  • Cambridge Hyatt Regency
  • 7:30am - 8:00am - Networking / Continental Breakfast
  • 8:00am - 9:00am - ReInvention Presentation
  • 9:00am - 9:30am - Q & A Session

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