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Q.  We have a highly-valued employee
who has hit a plateau in their job, and we are not able  to promote at this time. How do we keep them from leaving?
A.  Open the door to discuss career goals and aspirations. Ask them what they would consider to be their top skills/strengths. Discuss which ones they are leveraging and those they are not. Ask them where they see themselves in 5 years and discuss the skill gaps that exist between where they are and where they are going. In the book Drive, Daniel Pink suggests that people are intrinsically motivated by: autonomy, mastery and purpose. Keeping this in mind, are you able to offer some flexibility on how they spend their time? Perhaps allow for time to work on a project/initiative of their choice or one that they would like to sponsor? Are you able to pair them with a mentor or offer additional training to further their mastery and lessen their skill gaps? Growth can be lateral, is there someone they can job shadow in a different department?  
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Ellie Eckhoff
ClearRock is happy to announce that Ellie Eckhoff has been promoted to Senior Vice  President.

Ellie's experienced leadership and judgment has earned her the reputation of being a trusted coach and advisor to senior leaders, particularly when making critical talent and business decisions. She has proven to be an extremely valuable member of the leadership team.

Ellie and the the rest of the ClearRock leadership team, are truly committed to helping individuals and organizations to develop, improve, and grow in order to reach the highest level of potential.

Congratulations Ellie!

One Size Does Not Fit All
Laura Poisson, President of ClearRock, 
believes that behaviors and attitudes are the preferred measurement by some generations for one simple reason: a shift in values.   

"Over the last 10 years, there's been a great number of global studies conducted and widely accepted conclusions regarding the importance of interpersonal skills to the success of an individual, its leaders, and ultimately the business," says Laura.

Laura was quoted in a GoodCall.com article by Terri Williams about Performance Reviews -  One-Size-Fits-All Promotions a Thing of the Past.
The two occasions that many people use to more closely analyze their careers are around New Year's and after the summer break. These two times of the year also coincide with the budgeting, staffing, and hiring plans of numerous organizations as they prepare to close out this year and begin forecasting for next year. 

ClearRock offers five career strategies that can assist people with:
  • Determining whether they are working for and/or targeting the right employer
  • How to effectively follow up after a personal or telephone interview
  • Strategies for getting an employer to take a second or third look at them
  • Developing a compelling social media brand
  • Adopting a mentor who can help steer them in the right direction
Click below to read more about how the strategies can help you in your career!
The ISPE (International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineers) held their 5th Annual Career Workshop for 75 students at Northeastern University on January 28th. The workshop was specifically designed to help students hone their skills and improve their chances of getting that internship, co-op, or full-time position in the Life Science Industry. ClearRock was among the presenters and delivered a session on Building Your Network and Your Career Path. We are glad to participate on panels, or as part of Career Management programs, and grateful to be a contributor to ISPE.