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Chapter Spotlight: Alpha Phi Alpha
Transition Workshop
Alpha Week
Course Opportunities
Summer Service Opportunity in Africa
Invitation to Gifts of Hope

 Events Calendar 

This Week: 


11/30-12/3: Alpha Phi Alpha Week


12/1: Last day to register for men's and women's recruitment


12/4: Delta Sigma Theta's Gifts of Hope Holiday Party




Next Week:


12/7: Transition Workshop & Theta Chi's Nothing but Nets


12/9: Last day of classes






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Chapter Spotlight: Alpha Phi Alpha

Two weeks ago, the brothers of the Delta Upsilon chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha won the District Chapter of the Year and Bro. Calvin Davis won the Belford V. Lawson District Oratorical Competition. 


It's Transition Time for IFC & Panhellenic!
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When you were elected into your position, did you feel like the past officer left you to figure it all out on your own?


Are you an officer leaving your position but really don't know what pertinent information to pass down to the new person?


Instead of just leaving new officers to flounder, out-going officers can be helpful in setting things up for a successful transition. In this workshop you will learn how to pass on information about the history of the group, successes and challenges from the previous year, and projects that are still in progress. There will be suggestions for ways that outgoing officers can help new officers start off in the right direction.  For those new to a position, this workshop will provide an opportunity to begin making a transition manual for next year's officers!


Who:      Eric Gudmundson, Graduate Student in Student Activities and Leadership

                Ian Prieto, Graduate Student in the Cliff Alexander Office of Fraternity

                & Sorority Life and Leadership

Where:  Shriver Center, MPR - C

When:    Wednesday, December 7, 2011 from 7 pm - 9 pm

Why:       It's officer transition season!

Alpha Week

Course Opportunities

EDL 100 "Career Development for the College Student"

 EDL 100 is a two-credit sprint course designed to take you through the entire career development process while taking into account your fraternity/sorority experience. Students will learn how to use their experiences in the fraternity/sorority community and personalized information from the course to make informed career and educational decisions that are a good fit for them. Students will also examine occupational information and trends, and gain experience interviewing while learning tips on how to develop their resume. 

Spring 2012: EDL 100 will be Monday/Wednesday from 4:10pm-5:50pm. Email to register. 


                                EDL 206 "The Nature of Group Leadership"

EDL 206 is a two-credit, full semester course for second-year students interested in exploring multiple approaches to leadership and building capacity for socially responsible leadership as it relates to the fraternity/sorority experience. The course involves engaged learning through community action work, skill building, reading, writing, case analysis and dialogue. The course also includes a service-learning component. 
Spring 2012: EDL 206 will be Tuesdays from 4:10-5:50pm. Email to register.

Summer Service Opportunity in Africa

Want to go to Africa?

Interested in teaching English to children?

Join the African School Advancement Program (ASAP) on this summer's trip to Tanzania! 



ASAP Meetings:

Mondays at 7:00 pm 

204 Benton Hall.

Come learn more about our organization and how you can take part in this summers trip! 



For more information, or if you cannot make it to the meeting e-mail Zuma Speakman at, or Caitlin Troyer at . 

Invitation to "Gifts of Hope" Holiday Party


As we draw closer to the holiday season, the Zeta Mu Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. and the Delta Upsilon Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. would like to invite you to our First Annual "Gifts of Hope" Holiday Party, Sunday, December 4, 2011 at 5pm at Miami University's Lower Alexander Hall.


Every year, hundreds of families in the surrounding counties are without essential food and clothing. The holiday season is no different. Charged with the duty to serve our community, we are asking that you join us in our effort to give hope to these families during the holiday season. We are asking Miami student organizations to donate children's clothing and toys for disadvantaged families. Our "Gifts of Hope" Holiday Party is where we are celebrating with the organizations that have chosen to donate.


We will also recognize the organization that has donated the most with a special prize! Will it be your organization? I would love to come to your next meeting to discuss our Gifts of Hope program. For questions, please contact Tenechia Lockhart at or (216) 832-1055.


We anticipate your organization joining us for this joyous occasion!


We hope you enjoyed our new updated versions of Cliff's Notes! We would appreciate any feedback at And don't forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook!


-The Cliff Alexander Office Staff