The Center for Fine Art Photography 

In the Main Gallery: Simply
Juror: Louise Clements
Exhibiting Artists include:  Gretchen Arnold,  Paul Baron, Laird Bindrim, Susan Bryant, Lourdes Cabrera, Alan Charlesworth, Chen I-Hsuen, Juliette Conroy, Anthony Delgado, Andrew George, Benjamin Golik, Jennifer Greenwell, Caroline Houdek, Jonas Jungblut, John Keedy, Mildred Kennedy, Daniel Kramer, Jonas Kulikauskas, Ji Hyun Kwon, Thomas Ladd, Aaron Law, Gerard Lawton, Paho Mann, Amy Oliver, Andrea Patterson, Martijn Peters, Klaus Pichler, Yongning Qian, Matthew Rahner, Robert Rutoed, Nicolo Sertorio, Hannah Slaney, Evzen Sobek, Ashly Stohl, Kathleen Taylor, Ashton Thornhill, Samantha VanDeman, Santiago Vanegas, David Welch, and Julie Williams Krishnan.

Jurors Selection: The Guilty [Lu Jia] Ji Hyun Kwon

In the South Gallery:
Kathryn Jacobi: The Child Is The Father of The Man

Kathryn Jacobi's work is included in the Portfolio ShowCase Volume 5 book, which is available for purchase on our website, and includes the work of
the following artists: Mary Ellen Bartley, Bob Demchuk, Michael Flicek, Ann George, Barry Steven Greff, William Harper, Thomas Heinz, Kathryn Jacobi, Robert Kalman, Jonas Kulikauskas, Jerry Park, Josh Rushing, Erica Shires,Tina Thuell, and Albert Winn.

Lenore Jacobi  Kathryn Jacobi
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