Club Unite 14 Brandon SPOTLIGHT
A huge accomplishment as many of the Club Unite teams are forging their way through an outstanding season. "Each team works hard during practice. I rarely if ever see goofing off and/or wasting time. I love how our girls support each other and make those around them better (within teams and between teams). I am proud of our coaching staff and their desire to teach the game and grow the athletes into better young ladies. I am equally appreciative of our club parents-their support of their athletes and willingness to walk with us on our journey as we mold and challenge." adds Shannon Mincey

In the spotlight...
Club Unite 14 Brandon, currently 25-2, has climbed to #26 in the nation after winning several back to back tournaments as of late. They currently hold the #1 spot in the southern region out of 173 teams.

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Tell me about your teams morale and something they focus on statistically?

On the court, the players have a focused mentality that is driven by passion and execution.They strive to have a high "tough and in" serving percentage. They make quality decisions over exciting plays.
Your huddle?

We work on and discuss a "don't let down" mentality. We should not expect anything to fall our way but rather our only expectation should be to play our game and don't let ourselves fall to a lesser standard. 

Often at a tournament it is really hard to get everyone on the same page to actually do something together after the games, how do you make that happen? 

Whatever we do as long as we are all together. I don't make it a requirement but it is really important to me that we all be together. Fun is just as important as the hard training moments together. We went to a hockey game together and no one had done that so we all got to experience that 1st moment together. Its similar to going to a big tournament for the first time they can pull from that off court experience and relate it to their volleyball 
Overall expectation?

We have to do what we are capable of. We are going to go out and play how WE can play. Each match is more important than the one before, it's a progression and the progression has to continue no matter the opposition. Having the mentality to be better each moment. We have to walk away from any tournament with an agreement that we moved forward. We are either winning or learning.
Is the team bonded?

The players want to be together as a group off the volleyball court spending time together. That off court time allows them to see that the person next to them on the court truly wants them to be successful. If its just an "on the court time" team, there isn't much connection opportunity. The off court time builds relationship. Spending time with your team off the court shows an investment in each other. When they enjoy fun moments together off the court, it gives them a desire to want to do that on the court.
Final thoughts...

At the end of the day a coach can train, a coach can guide, a coach can give insight to help a player be great, but a great athlete is resilient and finds a way to get the job done. Many of these players put in quite a bit of extra time in the gym and it certainly shows on the court. 
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