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Clutterbusters!! Maintenance Program

Lowest Hourly Rate offered!!!

Need a little help each month? 

 Consider the Clutterbusters!! Maintenance Program.  You get 30 hours for $2011(over $500 savings) and can use it all at once, monthly, bi-monthly--whatever works for you.  You have a full year to use it.

Call 866-CLUTTER or email info@clutterbusters.com for more information.

We're The Solution for Your New Year's Resolution!!



beach2 Getting organized is one of the top 10 New Year's resolutions that people make every year, and for good reason-most people never complete this resolution, which is why it keeps reappearing on the list!

 Let's let this year be different.  The costs of a cluttered home or office can wreak havoc on your personal finances, health, time and relationships, which is why the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) sponsors Get Organized "GO" Month every January.


I have many clients who have suffered distress from the clutter in their lives. 


The toughest part is getting started.  The project can often seem overwhelming, but there are ways to organize a little each day and finish the job over time.  The following are a few ideas that we offer our clients at Clutterbusters!!


      Clean out your medicine cabinet.  Get rid of old make-up, expired medicine and toiletries you haven't used in months. 

      Organize a single drawer.  Whether it's your junk drawer, a drawer in your bedroom dresser or a desk drawer, spend 10 minutes emptying out the junk and arranging it so that similar items are being stored together.

       Hunt and gather.  Walk around your house with an empty clothes basket in hand.  Put anything that is not in its proper home into the basket.  Spend another 15 minutes today, or tomorrow, putting everything back where it belongs.


In our consumer-driven society, more and more "stuff" accumulates quickly.  Couple that with the fact that today more families are double-income and low on time for maintaining organization in the home.  For some, hiring a professional organizer is the answer.  In fact, you may be surprised to hear that the professional organizing industry grew more than 40 percent last year.         


Once you're organized, commit to at least 15 minutes per day to maintain it.  We guarantee you will experience a much less stressful, more enjoyable lifestyle in 2010.

If you have an ideas, contests or tips you'd like to share with us--please call 1-866-CLUTTER or email us at info@clutterbusters.com