eNewsletter of Calgary's Generative Journalism News Co-Op | March 26, 2015

Here are some of the stories we've been telling this week:

Key Calgary community and economic development systems shift to include the co-operative model as an answer

As a developer of co-operatives in Calgary, Greg O'Neill is witnessing increasing interest in the potential of co-operatives to address current challenges faced by people at both ends of the age spectrum.

On the youth side, where unemployment is a growing concern, Greg is working with a group of younger people who are starting a worker co-operative bakery modeled on the very successful Arizmendi Association of worker Co-operatives in the San Francisco Bay area.

"The people involved are talented and energetic youth who have been unable to find rewarding or meaningful employment in the existing job market," Greg says.

"They are looking at the worker co-op model as a means by which they can pool their skills and resources to create their own employment with conditions that meet their expectations and values. The elements of a democratically controlled workplace, equality and equity in the enterprise and the chance to be in control of their work experience are motivating the group." Read more...

In Other News

Invitation to a New Scoop YYC Event  

Communities, Conversations and Stories of Social Innovation

Please join us for an update on New Scoop and help shape our story lines going forward.  

The lunch meeting on March 30 from noon-1:30 p.m. is for individual and organizational members as well as those considering membership.

Here are some of the conversations that have surfaced for the New Scoop team since October:
  • What/where are the community hubs and how do they/might they function  . . . how do they support vibrant neighborhoods?
  • What are innovators doing around aging well as citizens in Calgary?
  • How can the co-operative model move the dial on poverty in Calgary?
  • How do we become even more permeable and transformative as place-based faith communities?
  • How do we all leverage the opportunity of Canada' s 150th Anniversary in 2017 for eruptions of gratitude and joy, reveling in the goodness of our life in Canada, as well as supporting innovative thinking and conversations around our awesome choices as we shape the Canada of the next 150 years?
  • How are we continuing the journey of community healing, accelerated by Narcisse Blood, Michael Green and the Making of Treaty 7?  
Where are the communities, what are stories and who are change makers transforming our city?

Please join us.

The event is being held at 100 402 30 Ave NE in Calgary.

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