FEB 15, 2012

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Hello from Coach Meg!

In the past two weeks my Canadian alma mater and my local Wellesley newspaper wrote profiles of my entrepreneurial career, how I started, as a biologist with an MBA, in biotechnology and then envisioned professional coaches in health and wellness through Wellcoaches. My twin backgrounds in biotech and coaching have come together in the Organize Your Mind book as we connect how we can best use our brain's focus to learn and change.

Taming frenzy, building positive emotions, eliciting an intense and undistracted focus, combining working memories, shifting to new perspectives and connecting the dots to get to the big picture. These are the hallmarks of a great coaching session.

Where can you start to coach yourself to change your biology? A South African scientist recently shared with me a published research study that showed when you calm your heart rate by taming negative emotions and eliciting positive emotions, your cognitive function improves - better attention, working memory access, and cognitive agility. Imagine – calming your heart in order to calm your brain and think better. How cool is that!

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