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JUNE 2012

Thanks to everyone involved in taskforce activity during month of May! Here's taskforce activity highlights...

  • Presentations made to; Cobb Community Collaborative, Marietta PTA Council, and Harrison HS School Council
  • Exhibited at community events; St. Anne's Health Fair and Mableton Day Festival
  • Held taskforce meetings; Leadership Team, Policy Team, Education Team, Board, Governance and Nominating Committees, and with Evaluator
  • Participated in; CADCA webinar, DBHDD Community Prevention Alliance Workgroup meeting, SAMHSA National Prevention Week and Underage Drinking Prevention Day, Statewide Alcohol Policy Workgroup
  • Featured in SAMHSA's National Underage Drinking Prevention Day Webcast, link to taped webcast
  • Conducted assessments required for DBHDD grant; 9-17 year olds, 18-25 year olds, 26 and older, retail availability surveys, and law enforcement surveys
  • Collected 5 more signed social host resolutions
  • Enforcement Team conducted compliance checks and party patrols
  • PR and Communication; Mopdog represented the taskforce to media and met with various stakeholders
  • Social media presence; lots of postings on Facebook, and NEW Twitter account, LinkedIn coming soon
  • Media coverage, see website newsroom page for links to articles 

    There's lots more happenings coming up. Please read below and offer to help where you can. Don't miss next meeting, June 5th - we'll hear from our evalutator about accomplishments and talk about next steps! Hope to see ya'll then.

    Cathy Finck




      5 - Bi-monthly meeting
    14 - Board Governance meeting
    18 - Board Finance/Development meeting

    19-22 - GA Teen Institute

    20 - Education Team meeting

    21 - OJJDP/PIRE Webinar

    28 - CADCA Webcast 


    12 - Statewide Alcohol Policy Workgroup meeting
    18 - Policy Team meeting

    22-26 - CADCA Mid-year Training Institute

    26 - Board meeting

    26 - Raffle drawing 



    (please check the calendar page at for meeting times, locations and updates)














    Taskforce Happenings 


    Find April's Community Chat online - if you missed it, check out link to view, also available on our website!


    CAT Bi-monthly meeting June 5 - don't miss it! Greg Muller, our evaluator, will be joining us to recognize progress and accomplishments. Please attend and bring a friend, see agenda and calendar page for details.


    Education Team meeting June 20 - 9:00 a.m. at Panera Bread, volunteers needed! Contact Pat Giuliani.

    CAT to Raffle New 4G 32GB IPad - tickets $10 each, drawing to take place July 26 at Board meeting. Contact Cathy Finck or any Board member to purchase a chance to win and help raise funds to support our work!


    Grant to Reduce Alcohol Abuse (GRAA) ends June 30 - final report due in 60-days, stay-tuned! 

    Check us out on Facebook AND Twitter - Mopdog staff have updated our social media presence and given us a new look! Please visit and 'like us' and share with others in your networks. LinkedIn coming soon!


    Website survey open - please participate in brief survey to provide input for what you'd like to see on new website! Mopdog has conducted website audit and we'll be revamping website over the summer. 

    Policy team wants to collect 20 more signed resolutions by July 1 - see list of organizations who have already signed and ask your HOA or civic group to sign resolution and return.


    NEW feature coming soon, to highligh community sector efforts - in future newsletters and social media we will highlight each month how community partners from one sector helps prevent underage and youth binge drinking, as follows; (Please share what you are doing with us so we can brag on you!)

                                   July - Media                                            January - Non-profit
    August - Education                                February - Youth

    September - Parent/Family                 March - Judicial

    October - Law Enforcement                 April - Healthcare

    November - Government                      May - Civic

    December - Faith                                  June - Business


    In The News

    Parents encouraged to discuss underage drinking - The unofficial start to summer is this weekend and Mothers Against Drunk Driving says the holiday weekend is a perfect time for parents to talk to their kids about underage drinking. If you think they won't listen to what you say, you're wrong. Read more...

    Minors see online alcohol ads, buy alcohol
    - Dr. David
    Jernigan wrote a commentary for the Archive of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine to accompany a new report from researchers at the University of North Carolina that documents how easy it is for underage drinkers to make purchases on the Internet. Read more...
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    Cobb Alcohol Taskforce is an alliance of individuals and organizations which mobilizes and challenges Cobb County adults to reduce underage drinking and youth binge drinking, by advancing strategic enforcement, policy and education goals.


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