Sunday, July 10, 2016, Edukos Pop Up BBQ & BREW! Miami Beach Botanical Garden welcomes Edukos to the garden for a pop up with purpose. Join us as we enjoy a craft beer & tapas menu including five Venezuelan inspired BBQ items by Chef Jose Marmol paired with four spirited craft beer choices. 

Includes a social hour with a signature cocktail and BBQ themed hors d’oeurves. Follow Edukos on Facebook to see a preview of the menu items.
Proceeds will benefit Miami Beach Botanical Garden, a refreshing and engaging urban greenspace that engages and inspires its visitors. We will see you there!
Thursday June 30, 2016. 7-8 PM.
Miami Beach Botanical Garden
Free "WordSpeak" spoken-word, live performance featuring Miami Dade youth. This year's team is made up of six vibrant Miami-Dade teens.
Yoga is on this week! Rain or Shine. Yoga in the Garden:  Every Saturday-$15 @ 11:30 AM.   Every Wednesday- $10 @ 12:15 PM. Classes will be held in the cool, spacious Banyan Room during the summer. Please bring your own mat for the practice. 

Sunday, July 17, 10 AM-1 PM. Join us as we welcome Hernan Helfer, master craftsman from the Miami Paper Museum, for this inspired Workshop. Collect flowers and leaves from the Botanical Garden to create you own paper!  Ample parking in 17th Street Lot. See you there! Purchase Tickets

Save the Date! Calligraphy Workshop Sunday, July 31st, 2016, 10 AM- 1 PM. Learn strokes and techniques for elegant letter making projects. Check back for Tickets Soon!

Natural Mosquito Repellent
Available at the Botanical Boutique
Miami Beach Botanical Garden
2000 Convention Center Drive
Store hours:Tues.-Sun. 9 AM-5 PM.

Made with essential oils and handcrafted in Miami by Soulful Essence. Product ingredients are specifically chosen for their renewability and the impact on the local and global community. Use of plastics is limited. and recycled materials are used whenever possible.

The Coconut’s Closest Cousin
by Andrew Street
For as long as there has ever been any discussion about the coconut, there has been the debate as to its origin; is the coconut new world or is it old world? Much time and energy has been spent reading history books and collecting DNA samples from around the world in search of such answers. When the genetic findings came back, what became obvious was how closely linked humans and this palm have been; ancient trade routes and a cultivated story of Austronesian’s close relationship with this drupe (the coconut fruit itself) began to take shape and significance.

However these findings only gave rise to more questions and the actual origin of the coconut was not disclosed—