MARCH 2018
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    Ms. Jenni Adams
     Success Program Director
      Ms. Nneka Onyilofor
     Success Coach

    Ms. Rachel Lostumbo
     Success Coach

    Ms. Fenise Dunson
     Success Coach


1) Look at your schedule to see when you're available for a 1-hour check in.

2) Go to your coach's link (below).

3) Choose an appropriate time slot and fill out the necessary information. Note where your coach will be that day.

4) Book it! A confirmation will be sent to your email. Now, put that check in on your calendar and set your reminder.
Ms. Jenni:

Ms. Nneka:

Ms. Rachel:

Mr. Peter:

Mr. Sean:

Q: What is an (academic) opportunity or experience you took advantage of in college and are glad that you did?

    Ms. Jenni 


When I was in college, I took advantage of several honors classes.  Honors classes were smaller, more discussion-based, and designed for students who wanted to be more actively engaged with their professor and classmates. Sometimes I forgot I was in class because I'd have the coolest conversations with people who just happened to be my professor and classmates! 

Ms. Nneka
I went to a predominately white institution (PWI), so I was always seeking out on-campus resources to expose me to more cultural and ethnic diversity. Therefore, my favorite on-campus resources were the Multicultural Center, Black Student Union, and the African Student Association, to name a few that I utilized as a student. 

Ms. Rachel
I went to my professors' office hours all the time to talk about my classes and their areas of expertise. Over time I became friends with several of them and they provided me with tons of guidance and support as graduation approached (and for many years after, actually)! 

Ms. Fenise 
My favorite on-campus resource was the library. It was beautiful, clean, and quiet. It held a really nice coffee/snack bar. I spent hours at a time in solitude conducting research, attending speaker events, and meeting friends there to study. 
Mr. Dennis
My favorite on-campus resource was the opportunity to join study groups that were advertised for classes that I was struggling with, as well as the writing center to help with writing and revising papers. 

Ms. Courtney
I had the opportunity to live, and later become a resident assistant (RA), in a living-learning community on campus. By choosing to live in a living-learning community, I was able to form close relationships with academic advisors, take advantage of in-house tutoring services, and volunteer and engage with the local community regularly. I cherished the tight community I was able to become a part of, and I'm still connected with some of my friends and the professional staff from the living-learning community today!

Mr. Peter 
The study abroad office, by far. They worked with me to find a program where I could still make progress toward my major; they helped me figure out how to pay for the semester; and they connected me with other students attending the same program. I also need to send a general shout out to using office hours. Just showing up to my professor's offices gave me a few good grades I probably didn't deserve! 

                         Mr. Sean 
I was fortunate enough to be introduced to the TRiO program back in college. This program helped me tremendously, as it provided me with personal and academic counseling. Moreover, the program also helped to offset some of my tuition costs that was not fully funded through financial aid.

Shout  out to Jean Pierre Moundou and Salvador Suarez for working hard to make seamless transfer transitions. They have transferred from MC to UMD and Towson respectively and have found housing, secured an on-campus job, met with professors, and created friendships with new classmates. We are very proud of your work.

Shout  out  to Alex Sempero and Carol Lopez, Montgomery College scholars, who tied the knot over winter break! We wish them a lifetime of happiness together.

Shout out to  Cornelio Reyes, a Towson Scholar  who graduated this past December with a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and has now been offered a position with Spear Inc. as a tier 2 desktop support tech. Congrats to Cornelio for this great success!
Shout out to Victor D'Almeida, Scholar at Hampton University studying mechanical engineering, for being offered a summer internship with the Naval Research Enterprise Internship Program (NREIP), which offers opportunities for students to participate in research at a Department of Navy (DoN) laboratory.
Shout out to  Doopashika Welikala, 
graduating scholar at UMBC,  who will be pursuing a  Masters of Health Science in Population, Family,  & Reproductive  Health- in the fall w ith the focus area of Maternal, Fetal, and Perinatal Health at John Hopkins University.
Shout out to Soulafa Haj Hamad and  Tenneh Dukuly (Montgomery College) for not only being great scholars, but also for getting accepted into the Future Link program!




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Academic Planning 


Academic planning is a continuous process of understanding what you need to do in order to successfully complete your academic plan. This includes meeting with an academic adviser, choosing your major of study, choosing between a list of courses that may interest you, as well as learning what areas of study you like or dislike. Also, researching a major's requirements early is important so that you can be sure to take the necessary classes to both meet the major's qualification requirements and to confirm your interest in and ability to succeed in the major. 

Academic planning is about more just choosing and scheduling courses though. It's about learning:
  • who you are right now, 
  • who you want to be in 2, 4, 6 or even 20 years, 
  • and how you can plan your time to help you meet your goals. 
Your coach can help guide you through the process of developing and executing your academic plan, as well as helping you  understand how your choices may impact your short and long term plan. 

Keys to Good Academic Planning
  • Researching and Choosing a major with the
  • requirements
  • Developing a plan to include electives as well as courses of interest
  • Developing good study habits
  • Meeting with an academic adviser
  • Meeting with your professor
  • Re-evaluating your plan regularly
  • Setting short and long term goals
  • Meeting with your Success Coach
Talent Corner

This months talent corner submission comes from Montgomery College Scholar Megan Thompson. Enjoy! 
Megan Thompson

Woman Soldier
A tall, thin black man wearing a tight hoodie dropped from the ceiling like a spider. Armed with a flashlight, he shone the portrait to illumine  the first African-American female soldier smiling. Jerking the nails free, he left for the Museum of Freedom's exit like a gust of wind in the night. Lights flashed alarming the burglary and the markings on the wall. However long before the police arrived, the perpetrator was gone.

Fast forward three months and detective Shirley Brooks testifies in court. Beside a board of museum layout, she described the remaining evidence. This was a personal burglary because of the targeted portrait. The woman soldier faced proudly against the American flag. Why would anyone take the portrait of the fallen soldier?

"Ms. Brooks, what did you do after visiting the scene?" prodded the prosecutor. 
"I collected the photographs and drove to the office" she replied. Her eye caught the darting of the witness in the audience. His jumpy demeanor and evasive eyes revealed a hidden secret.

During the cross-examination, the defense attorney inquired, "Mr. Brown, what were you doing that night?"

"No, I was out of town" he responded gazing hardly into her eyes. It was blatant to see the pride and fear in his demeanor. Ann Brown was the first African-American woman to fight in war hence her portrait was cherished in the community. A Jury came to agree to sentence Mr. Brown to one year in prison for stealing the portrait. Although the portrait was not retrieved, a sense of peace came over the town. All note her strength and bravery as a soldier of the United States.

Do you have a talent or skill that you would like featured in our Talent Showcase Corner? We would love to showcase your talent in music, poetry, visual arts and more!  Please share your information with your Success Coach! 
  Don't miss out! Scholarships are a great way to help pay for your school, books, transportation, etc. And best of all, you don't have to pay them back!

Name: Dwight P. Jacobus
Deadline: 3/1/2018
Amount: $1,000 (10 awards available)
Eligibility: perusing a degree in business or education, no citizenship requirements
Name: Women's Board of Montgomery General Hospital
Deadline: 3/15/2018
Amount: $500-$4,500
Eligibility: interest in nursing/health field, U.S. citizen
Name: Army Officer's Wives Club of the Greater Washington Area
Deadline: 3/23/2018
Amount: Varies
Eligibility: child of U.S. army personnel, U.S. citizen
Name: Casey Family Scholars Program
Deadline: 3/31/2018
Amount: $1,500-$6,000
Eligibility: have been in foster care, no citizenship requirement

MC Scholars, The month of March is filled with a lot of priorities! Please talk to  your success Coach if you have questions. 

Here are some important upcoming dates that you should be aware of:

March 1
  • Priority Deadline to turn in MC Financial Aid forms.  If you've missed the March 1 deadline, turn MC financial aid paperwork in as soon as possible to get maximum aid. 
  • If you have questions about submitting your MC Financial Aid forms, please talk to your Success Coach.
March 5-10
  • Midterm exams 
March 12-18
  • Spring Break - no classes for students
March 19
  • Summer 2018 class schedule available for viewing only


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