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I t's always great to see industry collegues in person, which is why I love trade shows. The ASI Show in Chicago was awesome. Education was great. Many people were out running along the lake shore in the morning. Peyton Manning offered an inspirational keynote on overcoming challenges and dealing with change. 
Here are video reports from the show:

Tim Andrews, President and CEO of ASI talks with Jeff about evolving trends and change. Click here for the video.  

Here's a candid testimonial on ASI Education and some of the free tools we offer from Jill Douglas prior to the Peyton Manning keynote session.
Click here for the video.  

ASI Show
presenter Don Sanders talks about using his shoes and his nuclear bomb shelter as sales qualifiers. Click here for the video. 

Jeff Lederer from Prime Line talks about the importance of protecting the brand and the Quality Certification Alliance. Click here for the video. 

Product Spotlights from the Show Floor:

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Click here for the rest of this riveting commentary!
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David Shultz from Distributor Central talks a about his passion for being active and how you can do things with clients that are fun away from the bar.
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