April 2017

Jesus is risen. Alleluia! The liturgical Easter season is upon us, converging with the earthly season of Spring. Both offer new life, renewed hope, and great joy. When we continue our Lenten practice of prayer, reflection, and deeper awareness beyond the Triduum and Easter Sunday, we find a colorful dance of beauty within us and around us.

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"I wish I could color the world bright colors so there would be no more sadness."
This simple yet profound wish of a 7-year-old child-painted on canvas over a landscape drawing notably void of any color except grey-leapt out at me when I first read it back in March and has stayed with me all through Lent and into Easter. I found the words particularly poignant knowing how the young writer lived with physical challenges most of us cannot imagine. Yet he is a joy-filled person surrounded by family who love and lift him, having nurtured him with a deep and enduring faith. While my immediate response was to want to go back in time  ...  READ MORE.
  • "Facilitators generally find staying on schedule, staying on topic, and dealing with difficult situations to be the most challenging aspects of their role. Intervening gently to redirect the conversation is a learned skill." Facilitating Grace Within page xi. 
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Emptying Your Cup: Finding Peace through Letting Go

hosted by Within Ministries


May 13, 2017

Marywood Retreat and Conference Center

Fruit Cove, Florida


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Listening with the ear of your heart is more than simply waiting for your turn to speak. It is an attitude of openness to God's grace in all situations and a respect for God's presence in every person. Using prayer and reflection, this retreat offers the opportunity to participate in reflective listening as a gift and grace from God.

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Spring sessions of Grace Within and Ministerio de Mujeres en Crecimiento Personal are entering their final weeks. Consider adding a personal retreat to your ministry calendar. Transitions: Embracing Change as a Time of Grace offers reflection on change and transition as a natural part of the human journey and an awareness of God's grace and presence during these times.


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Mission:   Within Ministries gathers women of all ages and life experiences to engage in a spiritual process that illuminates and affirms their sacred dignity.
Vision:  To awaken the Spirit within to create a culture that ignites women's passion to use their voices and share their gifts for the transformation of society.
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