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Resurrection: Glen Canyon and a New Vision for the American West
Dear friend,

Please Join us for our 3 California screenings of this remarkable film by James Kay and Annette McGivney this November. See images of the new Glen Canyon and the Colorado River as it emerges from the waters of Lake Powell reservoir.

The screenings will be held at

REI Sant Monica - November 9th
402 Santa Monica Boulevard
Santa Monica, CA 90401

REI Arcadia - November 10th
214 N Santa Anita Ave

Arcadia, CA 91006

REI Huntington Beach - November 16th
7777 Edinger Avenue
Huntington Beach, CA 92647

Free Admission & Raffle
For more information, call (801) 363-4450 or visit www.glencanyon.org

"Through insightful narrative and stunning photographs, Annette McGivney and James Kay introduce us to an ecological miracle that is occurring in the American Southwest: the reemergence of Glen Canyon. After construction of the Glen Canyon Dam, the mighty Colorado River was drowned, forever disturbing the region's fragile ecology of native plants and animals. McGivney and Kay point to the larger issue at play in the region, evidence that drought and climate change are leading to a showdown over water distribution. This is yet another example that the next major resource war will be fought over water. It's a problem that our entire planet faces and requires our immediate attention."

Robert Redford, actor, director, conservationist, and trustee of the Natural Resources Defense Council