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The weekday Colorado news roundup is a collection of links to news reports and other resources of interest to the Colorado Center on Law and Policy. Listing does not imply endorsement of the content.

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High uninsured rates impact
all Coloradans

Health care
Denver Post commentary: High uninsured rates impact all Coloradans
There are 829,000 Coloradans without health insurance and many more that are classified as underinsured. Many mention cost as an obstacle to obtaining private insurance; family incomes have decreased during the recession while the cost of insurance premiums has continued to climb. An increasing lack of access to employer sponsored plans also contributes to the high number of uninsured in Colorado.

Boulder Daily Camera: Medical Respite Boulder on hiatus as officials seek operating funds
From March to October of this year, Medical Respite Boulder provided a clean, safe, warm place to stay for 13 homeless clients who were too well to stay in the hospital but too sick to go back on the streets. But now the program is on hiatus.

Fiscal policy
The Denver Post: Colorado loses out on TIGER stimulus highway funding for second year
A relatively junior delegation coupled with a ban on pet projects from the House of Representatives could be why Colorado is a loser two years in a row for stimulus highway funding.

Denver Post editorial: Keep a tight belt on state's budget
Despite an uptick in Colorado's revenue outlook, now is not the time to restore a $100 million property tax exemption for seniors.

Pueblo Chieftain editorial: Fiscal cliff
Gov. (John) Hickenlooper has said to fund schools at the level that the plaintiffs expect would cost $4 billion annually and deplete resources to any other government service. That's not good governance.

Trinidad Times-Independent: Liberal think tank ranks state low in education spending
Colorado's investment of taxpayer dollars in secondary and higher education , healthcare, highway maintenance and construction ranks below most other states, according to a recent report by the Colorado Fiscal Policy Institute, an arm of the left-leaning Colorado Center on Law and Policy. Editor's note: The story concerns research the Colorado Fiscal Policy Institute released Dec. 15.

Durango Herald editorial: Amazon's price check
Amazon also does not have to collect sales tax or pay local taxes on the buildings it does not have and the income it does not have to report, which means that it does not help fund local schools, hospitals, streets and law enforcement. It argues that it does not utilize those services, but its customers do, and the money they spend with Amazon does make a difference to the budgets of the agencies providing them.

Family economic security
Denver Post commentary: At-risk students deserve support
Time and again evidence has shown that access to education and job training can help people break the cycle of poverty.

Jobs and economic security
Colorado Springs Independent: Colorado jobs and a "tentative recovery"
The Colorado Center on Law and Policy reported Wednesday that while the state's unemployment rate still hovers at the 8 percent mark, there is reason for optimism when studying the state's labor numbers. Editor's note: The story concerns research the Colorado Fiscal Policy Institute released Dec. 21.

KUSA-TV via Fort Collins Coloradoan: Unemployment payments delayed after website, phone failures
Instead of enjoying Christmas with family, many people tell 9NEWS they spent several frustrating and unsuccessful hours trying to file for unemployment benefits.

KUSA-TV: Colorado minimum wage to rise 28 cents on Jan. 1
Colorado's minimum wage will be increased from $7.36 per hour to $7.64.

The national scene
The Christian Science Monitor: For some making minimum wage, the new year holds modest promise
According to the National Employment Law Project (NELP), as a result of state laws that require the minimum wage to keep up with inflation, some 1 million workers, such as people who work in retail or hospitality, will get raises that amount to an extra $582 to $770 a year for a full-time worker.

Think tanks
Brookings Institution: Mobility Is a Problem; Now What?
Parental background is enormously important in determining where kids wind up in the income distribution when they grow up and the land of opportunity may have less than we thought.

Kaiser Family Foundation: Kaiser December Health Tracking Poll Shows Public Support for ACA Back to Roughly Even Split as Year Ends
The December Tracking Poll finds the recent dip in support of the health reform law has been fully reversed, and the concept of health exchanges has wide, bipartisan support.