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July 19, 2011

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Layoffs coming at Colorado unemployment office

Jobs and economic security
KUSA-TV: Layoffs coming at unemployment office
The Colorado Department of Labor - which runs the state's unemployment offices - could have to lay off workers as one-time federal stimulus funding runs out.

Boulder Daily Camera: Boulder sales tax revenue up nearly 6% through May
Collections from both retail sales and use taxes -- the latter of which is considered more volatile because it often includes one-time payments -- are up 13.7 percent from the comparable five-month period in 2010, according to city of Boulder data.

Fiscal policy
Fort Collins Coloradoan: Jail tax proponents getting ready for election campaign
New tax effort would bring in about $14M for jail operations, expansions.
Also: Loveland Reporter-Herald: Attorneys drafting ballot language that would extend jail sales taxes through 2029

Fort Collins Coloradoan editorial: Bold leadership now needed in Washington
The Aug. 2 deadline to raise the federal debt limit created a once-in-a-generation opportunity for bold leadership to address a critical national challenge. Instead, our nation's leadership has decided to play a giant game of chicken with our economy.

Grand Junction Free Press: TABOR never signed the Norquist pledge
An interesting development this week was a visit from Rollie Heath, former Democratic candidate for governor and current state senator from Boulder.

Aspen Daily News: State of Pitkin County roads are in for bumpy, rough ride
Pitkin County's roads and bridges are degrading steadily at the current bare-bones level of public funding, according to government officials.

Aspen Daily News: Despite drastic revenue drop, fire district aims to keep budget steady
The Aspen Fire Protection District is preparing for a 30 percent drop in revenue from property taxes this year.

Health care
The Durango Herald: A home health-care fix that works
As legislators question the functionality and effectiveness of entitlement programs, and Medicare and Medicaid continue to be hit by real and proposed cuts to funding, the story of PASCO/SW stands out as an example of where the health-care system is working and working well.

Health Policy Solutions: Former board president challenges hospital sale
A former board president and negotiator of the original hospital sale that created the Colorado Health Foundation is warning that the foundation could lose control of $1.45 billion in profits from its current proposed sale of seven hospitals and should cancel the deal.
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