Colors you'll fall in love with, gorgeous textured black powder on retail storefront, excellent epoxies and lots more from IFS
High quality, powder coatings for automotive refinishing
IFS has a great selection of high quality powder coatings perfectly suited to automotive refinishing.
High quality protection and superior looks are essential to any automotive coating and IFS powders offer both and a whole lot more.
Whether its excellent chip resistance, hard working corrosion protection, or high gloss good looks, talk to your IFS representative about the great products available to you.
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Heart-stopping colors from IFS
Heart-stopping colors to fall in love with from IFS.
February is always the month where we show our love, and these delicious pinks, purples, silvers and reds are heart-stoppingly good!

Purple metallic PRSF 93738
S/G red transluscent PRSS93701
Starbrite pink PRSF 93157
Speedboat aluminum PRSS91020
Raspbery transluscent PLSF91136
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Dynamic Windows use Dynamic IFS Coatings Powders
Check out the beautiful steel windows and doors on this high end storefront.
Manufactured by Dynamic Windows they feature the exciting new Super Durable Peppered Steel (SRFM 11259)). It's a mid gloss, textured black with a lot of style!.
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Help your customers meet their sustainability goals n
Hot on the heels of IFS coatings achieving Environmental Product Declarations for each of our architectural powders, we wanted to make sure you have to tools to promote them.
1 page leaflets to explain what our EPDs are, what they showcase and how they can help your customers meet their sustainability goals, are now available. Order yours today!
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Excellent Epoxies from IFS  
IFS epoxy powder coatings are created for applications requiring great chemical and corrosion resistance and a high quality aesthetic, but where exterior durability is not important.
The IFS coatings are typically used in a wide range of applications including metal cabinets, sports and recreation equipment, furniture, hand and power tools, brass plumbing and hardware fixtures, tool boxes, wire goods, pipe coatings, rebar and automotive underbody/underhood parts.
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Coming Soon!
25lb RALs from IFS at 55lb box pricing!
Watch this space!
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