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October 8th, 2015
October 10th, 2015
October 31st, 2015
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How to work with EasyIce Rolled Fondant

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The best methodology for rolling fondant!
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Our Winners!
For those who haven't heard yet, let us present our three 1st Place Winners in the Professional / Non-Professional and Category Kid's Categories. What a fun event it was! To see all the contest winners and their cakes visit our Facebook page

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The first signs of fall have started to show the seasonal colours, inspiring our theme in this issue. It's all about colour and McCall's has joined in for the occasion!
Colour -- A simple word yet a little complex when it comes to applications in cake decorating. 

Most home bakers and decorators know food colouring as tiny bottles found at supermarkets and cake decorating shops. 

For individuals or bakers who work on larger canvases and need more vivid colours, they generally use gel paste colours. Food colouring paste and oil based paste are great for cream-based mixtures, such as fondant and buttercream, as it does not modify the consistency of the mixture. These are also used in foods that may separate with the addition of water, such as white chocolate. 

Paste and powder food colouring can be found in cake decorating shops and specialty food stores. Knowing which one to use, when and what for can sometimes be confusing. 

Let's start with a brief description of each.


Water Base - available in most supermarkets; these colours do not produce a deep colour but are ideal for pastel shades.  

Water Base For Air Brush - specially formulated so that there is absolutely no sediment in the colour (Sediment will clog an air brush).  May also be used

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A Cupcake Decorating Set, Jack-o-Lantern Mini Cups, A Cowboy Boot Cutter and much more... 

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McCall's Enhanced Fondant
New and Improved EasyIce Rolled Fondant

Now resists moisture and is refrigerator and freezer-stable!

The all improved EasyIce Rolled Fondant formula now resists moisture absorption and the dreaded refrigerator condensation.

This formula helps you solve the many challenges of storing finished rolled fondant cakes in refrigerators or freezers:

  1. No more sticky and tacky rolled fondant cake surfaces
  2. No more bleeding and sliding decorations
  3. Easier to handle fondant on warm days