The Conservatory Chronicles

Issue 114
May 2017

A monthly newsletter for our growing Conservatory Community

This month of May the Conservatory of Flowers introduces a new vibrant web design makeover and lends the spotlight to Mothers all around the world to show appreciation for all that they do for us! The Conservatory welcomes your friendly visit as we provide a  stunning destination for any child and their Mother to receive the entire butterfly experience in your next venture to the special exhibit Butterflies & Blooms. Our Conservatory Family looks back and sends off a very special specimen who leaves after 10 years of service and was the mastermind behind this current Special Exhibit Design.

with friends and family from all over the world to support this grand lighting together with us!

We Need Your Help To Light It Up!

Support the Illumination of the Conservatory of Flowers!

The Conservatory will become a canvas for a jaw-droppingly beautiful artistic light display, kicking off the Summer of Love in Golden Gate Park on the Summer Solstice!  We are collaborating with Illuminate and Obscura Digital, geniuses behind the Bay Lights project, to create light magic, transforming the Conservatory at night starting June 21 through October 21. 

We need your support! 
Please  donate today to support this project!

If Only on Mother's Day ...
Your Lovely Mother Can Get a Remarkable Butterfly Experience

First, she will get eye to eye with a butterfly in the Butterflies and Blooms gallery. She will have exclusive time with Conservatory staff and release a newly emerged butterfly into the exhibit. Then she'll stroll through the galleries to take in the sights and scents of thousands of tropical plants from around the globe. Also included are gifts for mom to take with her - a blooming orchid plant and a one-year Conservatory Individual Membership so she can flutter back to the Conservatory  anytime

Your purchase includes entry for two adults on Mother's Day* so she can enjoy her visit along with you or a friend. Up to two children are welcome to join the adventure for no additional charge. 

*This gift experience is available by advance purchase only. Packages stop selling on Friday May 12 at noon.   Click here for details .
Discover our New Modern Conservatory Logo and Website Design!

We are ecstatic to reveal the new Conservatory of Flowers' website and logo! 
Discover the new vibrant web colors inspired by the blooming beauties throughout our Galleries. The website is now more user-friendly than ever, thanks to  MsJones Designs with seamless integration and function on a desktop or on a smartphone - you can keep up with the Conservatory anywhere! 
Farewell to Our Special Exhibit Extraordinaire

This May the Conservatory of Flowers Staff are saddened to announce that our Director of Exhibits and Special Projects Lau Hodges is sailing onward to her next adventure. After 10 years, 15 exhibits, an office full of relics and one skeleton man, Lau is most proud of her role in "Team Exhibit" leading a group of incredible artists in the form of horticulture and carpentry to create immersive educational exhibits at the historic gem. As she ponders what her parting words are for the people she will miss and the building she put her sweat and tears into, a teary-eyed statement comes out her mouth,"Make sure there are plenty of popsicles on a hot day." 

Thank you for your years of hard work, the Conservatory of Flowers Community will miss you! 
Make Mom a Conservatory Member for Mother's Day!
Give her a year-long pass to see Butterflies & Blooms Anytime

Not only do Members receive  free unlimited admission  to visit daily, our memberships will unlock reciprocal admission to over 300 garden institutions across North America for you to explore all year!

When you gift Mom a new membership she has the option to receive a  free one-year subscription of Martha Stewart Living or Better Homes and Gardens

It's fast and easy Please contact Membership Associate May Slen at or click here to learn more about the available membership levels to show your love and appreciation for your plant-loving Mom! 
Conservatory Trivia
We hope you will consider donating today to help illuminate the white Victorian greenhouse for this 50th anniversary of Summer of Love. 
As we look back on San Francisco history to celebrate the free love, psychedelic art and creativity emulated 50 years ago, a little digging in the photo vault brings us to share this overwhelming snapshot of none other than The Doors in front of the classic greenhouse. Circa late 60s, the band stopped by to check out the show-stopping structure before heading to one of two musical performances in The Fillmore neighborhood. 

We think the look in their eyes and body language say 
" Come on baby, Light my Conservatory ." 
What's in Bloom?

Strongylodon macrobotrys

Common Name: Jade Vine
Location in Conservatory: Hanging near southwest door of Potted Plants Gallery
Native to: Philippines

Strongylodon macrobotrys, or jade vine, is one of the most unique and elegant of all tropical climbers. The jade vine is native to the rainforests of the Philippines, which disappeared at an alarming rate due to logging, mining, palm oil farms, and population growth. Only 7% of the original forests remain.

The jade vine is a perfect example of co-evolution. The vine is pollinated by bats that pick up pollen on their heads as they hang upside down to drink nectar. When pollinated, the oblong fleshy pods are up to six inches long and contain up to 12 seeds. It is a member of the Fabaceae family, along with the more familiar peas and beans. The buds on the Conservatory's plant will open over the next week in succession down the pendant inflorescent.

Visit our website  to find other tropical beauties blooming the Potted Plants Gallery .