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Contact Lens Test Drive
Rediscover Contact Lenses with New Technology
Are you or your child someone who has always thought about contacts and the freedom of performance they provide, but were told in the past that you:
  • have an astigmatism
  • have to wear bifocals
  • have dry eyes
  • have irregularly shaped eyes
  • are too young
  • are too old
Or, you have stopped wearing contact lenses because of concerns with comfort and clarity? Are you apprehensive about placing contacts on your eyes or if your child is responsible enough to handle contacts? Or, have we mistakenly not invited you to try contact lenses?  These may be concerns, but they do not signal blocks to successful contact lens wear

Our new program was designed with  YOU in mind!
Introducing our n ew  Contact Lens TEST DRIVE !
How Your Contact Lens  TEST DRIVE Works...
Feel free to do as you please in Contact Lenses
  • Call our office to request your complimentary Contact Lens TEST DRIVE.
  • Dr. Arnold, our contact lens specialist, will review your chart to assure the best experience, and depending on the complexity of case, ensure ample time for your trial lenses to arrive.
  • We will call you within 24 hours to schedule your TEST DRIVE!
  • Your TEST DRIVE experience includes a complimentary corneal topography - a $44 savings! 
  • You will experience the freedom, comfort and clarity of contact lenses while walking around the office, and enjoying snacks while your personal technician answers all of your questions!
You LOVE the Experience of Contact Lenses...Now What?
Great, then it's time for the medical aspects of contact lens wear.
  • You will be scheduled for a complete contact lens evaluation and fitting on a day and time convenient for you; customary fees will apply.
  • You will enjoy the great benefits of being a contact lens wearer at Suburban Eye Care:
    • Contact Lens Specialty Team with over 30 years of creating happy contact lens wearers!
    • Best technology, fit, vision and comfort available - specialty and custom contacts, no problem!
    • Training to get you handling your contacts like the pros!
    • Contact lens spa services!
    • Replacement of torn or lost contacts!  
    • $50 savings on sunglasses!
    • Savings opportunities on your contact lens supply!
    • Trial lenses and solutions at no-cost!
  • Your yearly comprehensive eye exam appointment will not be affected by your contact lens evaluation.
Experience the Freedom of Contact Lenses
Schedule a  TEST DRIVE Today!

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