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Spring is a Time of Renewal and Celebration…

The same is true at Crafted Decor!   Spring is the time when NEW products are introduced in our main lines and new product selections from long ago buying trips have arrived and filled the store.   There are NEW and unique home decor, gifts, garden accents, and clothing; for yourself or to give as  gifts.  There is  LOTS to celebrate at this time of year - bridal showers weddings, communions & confirmations, baby showers, housewarmings, etc., and we would be more than happy to  wrap your gift for you.

This newsletter covers Easter decorating and gifting ideas, as well as what's NEW in our main lines…stay tuned to future newsletters for NEW product features (too numerous to feature at one time).

and see the colours, scents, and fashions

Whether you are looking to decorate your front door, add some Easter decorations before guests arrive, or need hostess gifts ... 
Easter mantle decorating
We go through great lengths to find NARROW decor items to fit your fireplace mantle, whether they be seasonal or not.

A few simple 3M hooks and you can hang just about any garland from your mantle.  This  magnolia garland would also add spring colour along the dining table, or sideboard

25 - 50% off

Ma's Kitchen
Always a favourite treat, and great hostess gift for Easter.  Available in dark, and milk, this chocolate butter crunch is hand-crafted locally.  

Mas Chocolate, easter chocolate, hostess gift
hand cream, shea butter, FarmHouse Fresh

FarmHouse Fresh
"Fluffy Bunny" is only available in the spring and like all their handcreams
 (6 different scents to choose from), it is a packed with nutrients to calm dry skin.  Made in the USA, cruelty free, 96% natural, VEGAN, paraben & sulfate free.   Just goodness and amazing scent.

Soberdough Bread
the easiest bread you'll ever bake...

 Arrived just in time for Easter, these bread mixes contain
100% natural ingredients, fresh herbs, and seasonings
- no preservatives or  artificial flavouring

just add beer
carbonated water, club soda, sparkling cider

For those with dietary restrictions:

*no dairy *no soy *vegan * no eggs  *nut free (made in a nut free facility) 

Sampling this weekend and next
soberdough bread, vegan, dairy free
Cinnful Raisin Bread
This mix has the perfect cinnamon to raisin ratio that will remind you of  childhood days. Kosher
soberdough bread, vegan, dairy free
Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper 
A returning favourite… this hot selling duo is a gourmet zinger…Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper.  It will catch you by surprise with each bite while leaving a lingering taste of pepper.
soberdough bread, vegan, dairy free
Roasted Garlic Bread
A returning favourite.... this bread with it's fragrant roasted garlic and herbs makes for an incredible bite.  Perfect for ay meal and dipping in olive oil. Kosher
soberdough bread, vegan, dairy free
Apple Fritter Bread
Use apple Ales or Hard Ciders with this bread mix.  Every bite is packed with real apples! This one is a serious bread for every foodie's desire. Kosher
Michel Designs
Easter decorating, easter entertaining, Michel Designs

Michel Designs' line has become so popular that we have expanded the bathroom selection to include 6 different themes (and scents) in the foaming soap pump, guest towels, guest towel caddy set, and soaps.

As well, t he collection has been expanded to include more melamine serving platters, paper placemats, tea towels, and aprons.

  Michel Designs not only looks great in your own space, but the beautiful designs make it very easy to give as a hostess gift, house warming, etc.

Michel Designs, hostess gifts, soaps
Easter Weekend Hours
Friday April 14 - CLOSED
Saturday April 15 - 9am - 5pm (open early!)
Sunday April 16 - CLOSED
Monday April 17 - 10-6


Lampe Berger

There is LOTS new with Lampe Berger
and it is in stock...
NEW Lamps
 NEW Gift Sets
Lampe Berger Lamps, Gift Set, Mississauga
Lampe Berger Lamps, Gift Set, Mississauga
NEW Fuels
Aquatic Wood
Lampe Berger Fuel
Ylang Sun
Lampe Berger Fuel
Luminous Mimosa
Lampe Berger Fuel
Water Fruits
lampe berger fuel
Enchanting Sandalwood
lampe berger fuel

There is no denying the strong connection between scent and 
mood.  This time of year, customers tend to switch to the fresh scent categories and floral scents (blue, green, and pink labels).

If you are not already familiar with  Lampe Berger, it is a catalytic diffusion system that  purifies the air  in your home while diffusing delicate fragrances and eliminating household odours.

Made in France 
Sid Dickens
The first shipment of the year recently arrived and there  is LOTS of NEW...

Sid created a version of last year's popular Cyber Monday memory block exclusively for retailers, and only available to order during the month of January. We only recently received the shipment that contained this now retired limited edition tile.  There are a few pieces that remain, so please let us know if you would like one set aside for you (deposit required).  
(3 have been set aside for our  annual  Sid Dickens' Day draw in June)
Sid Dickens, t400, limited Edition, Retired
T400 Lily
"we are privileged  to witness
the constant change of beauty and splendour;
The hidden miracles of nature"

Inspiration Collection
The NEW spring "Inspiration" collection has been well received and a few tiles are currently sold out.  If you would like to ensure you get the tile of your choice in time for Mother's day or for a specific occasion; feel free to stop by or call and leave a deposit (next shipment due to arrive at the beginning of May). 
Sid Dickens 2017 Spring collection
Voyage Collection
Sid Dickens Voyage Collection is so NEW, it has not even been released to the public! So our collectors are among the first to see them (and to receive them).

It aims to show the value of exploration and new experiences.  

Whether it be by sea or air, the world is more accessible than it has ever been before.  We are the creators of our own pathways in life and it is our human spirit that connects us.  The growing global mosaic is an opportunity to recognize the beauty in our differences.

The Voyage collection celebrate the belief that our world is to be shared and unified as one.

The first shipment is due to arrive in early May and this first shipment will be SIGNED.  Pre-ordered tiles will be $82; once they arrive, the signed tile price of $100ea will apply.

Sid Dickens, Mississauga, Voyage Collection
A delivery of our ever popular Galleria umbrellas is due to arrive next week.  We have carried this line for about 10 years; it has sturdy,  extra flexible  fibreglass construction and it closes with the same button that opens it - allowing you a seamless transition
from outside to inside.
There are LOTS of pretty designs to choose from
folding umbrella gerbera daisy
folding umbrella paris

Inside Out Umbrella
Another innovation in umbrellas that makes your transition from dry to wet, and wet to dry more smooth has just  arrived.

Take your pick of 4 colours


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