Tuesday, January 9, 2018

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  • THIS SATURDAY -- We will look at current environmental issues in St. Louis area with ED SMITH of MO Coalition for the Environment
  • Civitas Open House for high school teachers this Thursday
  • Some hopefully helpful tips about dealing with stress
  • Results of Survey on high school stress
  • Roundup of Issues Roundtable on the Rohingya in Myanmar
  • Thanks to all who came to our alumni reunion
  • Guest Speaker on Human Trafficking on January 20th
  • This past week at the United Nations
  • Calendar of Events
  • Important Civitas Links
This Saturday
Come to Civitas to learn about local environmental issues

One of the biggest environmental challenges in the St. Louis metropolitan area is the West Lake Landfill. In what may be a surprise, Donald Trump's Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) may be prepared to take action to address the toxicity issues at Westlake that no previous administration has done.
This Saturday, Ed Smith from the Missouri Coalition for the Environment will come to Civitas to discuss Westlake and a host of other environmental issues in our region. Ed is a proven great speaker with Civitas students, being both engaging and informative.
The program is this Saturday, January 13, from 9:00 - 11:00 AM at the Civitas office, 10845 Olive Blvd., Suite #155; 63141 (map). You can sign up by clicking here.
Open House at Civitas this Thursday for
high school teachers

Since Civitas has such a wide variety of programs for students and teachers at the high school level, we find it particularly helpful to have informal time to mix with the high school teachers in our program. This Thursday afternoon, from 4:00 - 6:00 PM, we have an open house for high school teachers. We will update everyone on our spring programs, but spare plenty of time for informal conversation.
The Open House is at the Civitas office; 10845 Olive, Suite #155, in Creve Coeur (map). We would appreciate it if interested teachers could sign up by clicking here.
Results from last survey on High School Stress

The question was, "On a scale of '1' to '5; ('5' being the highest), how clued in do you think that administrators at your school are to the stress that high school students experience."
With five responses, the mean ranking was that administrators were "clued in" at a level of 2.2 out of 5. Five responses is not a significant sample size. 
Potentially helpful information about stress

In 2004, ABC News anchor and reporter DAN HARRIS had a panic attack on live TV. He recovered and continues to be an outstanding journalist with ABC.
He has written several books describing how he gained the strength to look at what precipitated the attack and how he now manages anxiety. A key to his recovery is using mindful meditation, something that Dr. Laura Chackes has spoken about several times with Civitas students.
Dan Harris was recently interviewed by Trevor Noah on The Daily Show.  Below is the link to the six and a half minute interview:  

You may also be interested in checking out his latest book: Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics. Like Laura, he makes it easy and non-threatening.
Incidentally, Laura will be starting courses in the next two weeks. Here are two links for information: 
Kudos to everyone who attended our last Issues Roundtable, particularly Barb Kuensting from Nerinx Hall
On Saturday, December 16, Nerinx Hall Senior Barb Kuensting came to Civitas to passionately present information on the Rohingya crisis in Myanmar. The Rohingya are Muslims who are currently unwelcome in Myanmar. Complicating the situation is the resistance of Myanmar and former Nobel Peace Prize Winner Aung San Suu Kyi to advance human rights.
After Barb's presentation we had a very lively conversation on TIME Magazine's "Person of the Year," the SILENCE BREAKERS who have brought to light the widespread problem of sexual harassment and abuse in our society. Our conversation included the difficulties of drawing lines and respecting due judicial process, and at the same time assertively addressing the issues.
Thanks to everyone who came to the
Civitas alumni reunion

Last Wednesday was a gathering for the second annual Civitas reunion, held at Llywelyn's in Webster Groves. All of those who braved the frigid temperature to join the fun enjoyed a nice spread of snacks, including chicken tenders, meatballs, pretzel bites, and bottomless baskets of chips and cheese dip. Interestingly, most were current college students this year, many of whom are majoring in international/global studies and/or political and social sciences. The Civitas mantra to inspire teens to become active citizens seems to be working! The dialogue of the evening ranged from the current White House (Michael Wolff's Fire and Fury revelations had just made the news, providing great fodder) to the "Me Too" movement, to video game favorites and practices. There was also an interesting discussion about possible 2020 presidential candidates, evoking passion and opinions much like the former roundtable discussions the reunion attendees had in high school. It was an amazing evening for the Civitas staff, too, catching up on the college experiences, life events, and political endeavors of a dynamic group of young adults.
Guest Speaker on Human Trafficking on Saturday, January 20th 
Join us for a special event on Saturday, January 20th. From 9:00-11:00 am at the Civitas office we will have Carmen R. Guynn from CATE give a presentation on human trafficking. She will talk about what is going on locally and answer questions from students.  
Carmen R. Guynn is a native of St. Louis and has been a volunteer member of the Coalition Against Trafficking and Exploitation - CATE for eight years.  During this time, she participated in many community outreach events, and training awareness throughout the city of St. Louis.  After 14 years in the field of civil engineering, Ms. Guynn walked away and began the work of full time advocacy against human trafficking.  Now heading CATE, she works with community members, service providers and Missouri Attorney General to build resources, best practices, and law implementation to fight this crime.  Her goal is to always be the voice for the voiceless.
CATE is a collaborative effort of 60 plus agencies and individuals who have built a community movement to respond to human trafficking through public advocacy, training, and outreach strategies.  CATE is a program under the Crime Victim Advocacy Center.
This event is free to all high school students but due to limited space we ask that you R.S.V.P.

Black: High School     Blue: Middle School              

 NOTE: All Civitas Activities are free of charge 
Thursday, January 11
4:00 - 6:00 PM
Open House for High School Teachers including short discussion of upcoming Civitas events
Civitas office; 10845 Olive Blvd., Suite #155; 63141 (map)
January 13
9:00 - 11:00 AM
Ed Smith from MO Coalition for the Environment with overview of Environmental Issues in St. Louis Metropolitan Area
Civitas office; 10845 Olive Blvd., Suite #155; 63141 (map)
Saturday, January 20
9:00 - 11:00 AM
Carmen Guynn from  Coalition Against Trafficking and Exploitation on Human Trafficking
Civitas office; 10845 Olive Blvd., Suite #155; 63141 (map)
Saturday, January 27
9:00 - 11:00 AM
Civitas Alum Luke Babich on work and social opportunities in St. Louis for young adults
Civitas office; 10845 Olive Blvd., Suite #155; 63141 (map)
Saturday, February 3
9:00 - 11:00 AM
Prep Session for Model UN & Challenges to American Democracy
Civitas office; 10845 Olive Blvd., Suite #155; 63141 (map)
Saturday, February 17
9:00 - 11:00 AM
Marie Aimée Abizera from MO Immigrant & Refugee Advocates on immigration issues in St. Louis & U.S.  
Civitas office; 10845 Olive Blvd., Suite #155; 63141 (map)
Saturday, February 24
8:30 - 11:30 AM
Spring Model United Nations (one session)
Drury Inn - Creve Coeur; 11980 Olive Blvd., 63141 (map)
Saturday, February 24
1:00 - 4:00 PM
Student Convention on Challenges to American Democracy
Drury Inn - Creve Coeur; 11980 Olive Blvd., 63141
(map )

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