Sat. July 29, 9am-1pm

We’re Not Just Kidding Around

Kids and shopping…not so perfect together.  Close your eyes (no! not yet…After you read this!) and remember walking the grocery aisles with your mom or dad…How many “C’n we get, pleeease?”s followed by “No, not today”s and “put that back”s.  ‘Member that?... Read More

Farmers Market Vendor List
As always, our market schedule can be found on the website here. For more  up-to-date information, check out our Facebook page!
August 26 – 2nd Community Day!
Applications available here and due by August 14th
Make. Believe. Tour next week!
We're pretty psyched and for good reason. Well, two good reasons. First, the Mobile Mercantile is coming to Lansdowne and setting up in a vacant storefront on Baltimore Pike, selling all their awesome gifts and crafts, just like in their Easton store.   

But we're equally excited to give everyone a Sneak Preview (let's call it a "Before" party) of our floor plans and interior design ideas for Delaware County's newest Creative Co-Working Space, set to open in early 2018. Perfect for artists, architects, start-up businesses, guys who love shop class, girls who can handle a miter saw better than those guys, and anyone else who is crazy creative.   Hope you'll join us!

Kick Off & Sneak Preview:  Monday, July 31 6-8 pm

Pop Up Shop: One Week Only August 1 - 6  

What's Happening around Lansdowne
Upcoming Events

The Mobile Mercantile
Sneak Peek:  Monday July 31 6-8pm
P op Up Shop: Tues - Sun 10am - 8 pm
Repair & Share Night: Thurs., Aug. 3
32 East Baltimore Avenue

Community Pot Luck
Saturday, July 29, 6pm
Lansdowne Landing

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