Come See Our New Model Classroom
September 2016
Hello Friends,
We're excited to announce the newest addition to our Resource Center here at Rainbow Fleet. We now have a full-scale model classroom for child care providers.

The classroom was created to demonstrate best practices in child care using specific interest centers. 
The classroom features eight of these interest centers that are vitally important to helping the children in our care develop necessary skills and abilities. The centers in our new model clas sroom are literacy, science & nature, math, manipulatives, dramatic play, art, music & movement, and blocks. 

We are so proud of this project and are excited to share it with child care providers, as well as families. The model classroom will also be used in a soon-to-be-announced, hands-on training for child care providers in which providers will get a chance to build their own interest centers. Stay tuned for more information.

Please stop by for a tour. We can't wait to show off this wonderful new resource.
Thank you for reading,
Carrie Williams
Executive Director  
There are only three Developmental and Autism Screens left for this year. These screenings take place on the second Wednesday of every month through December. Availability is limited so be sure you reserve your appointment.

In case you didn't know, we have a regular appearance with our friends at KOKH's Living Oklahoma. Be sure to check out our segments every other Monday. Our next segment is set for 9 a.m. Sept. 19. We hope you'll watch!

Helpful Contacts

Caring Van: (405) 316-7216  
Center for Early Childhood Professional Development (CECPD): 1801 North Moore Avenue, Moore, OK 73160  (405) 799-6383
CECPD offers various programs for individuals in the childcare field, some programs offered are R.E.W.A.R.D. Oklahoma, CDA/CCP Advisement, Environmental Rating Scale, ELCCT training, The Leadership Academy, Literacy Programs, Video Lending Library and Oklahoma Registry.
Scholars for Excellence in Child Care
Program Scholars Coordinators:
Oklahoma City Community College,
(South OKC) Bonita Spinner (405) 682-1611
Oklahoma State University OKC, (North OKC) Jeff Rosson (405) 945-9168/1-800-560-4099  
Redlands Community College, (El Reno) Karen Hewitt (405) 422-1286
Rose State College, (Midwest City) Jennifer Bachhofer (405) 733-7449
The Scholars for Excellence in Child Care program will ensure that eligible child care professionals in the state of Oklahoma have an opportunity to further their education while earning a Child Development Associate (CDA) Credential, Certificate of Mastery, Director's Certificate of Completion and/or an associate degree in child development or early childhood education.
Reaching for the STARS (DHS): Central Oklahoma-Jennifer Towell (405) 522-0256
STARS is a program held by the State of Oklahoma, that has been implemented to improve the quality of child care for children.
Warmline offers free telephone consultation to child care providers and families on numerous topics of concern. Consultants refer providers to appropriate services and resources within their communities.

Resource Center Item of the Month

This wooden pizza party play set will help teach children skills such as counting, sorting and matching as well as a give them an early introduction to fractions. 

F lorencia les envía esta nota:
Florencia Briglie 
Especialista en Recursos y Referencias

Estimadas Proveedoras:
    ¡¿Cómo han estado?!
Recuerden que el sábado 24 de septiembre se llevará a cabo la conferencia de ECAO. Cuanto antes se registren mejor. Van a tener 6 horas de entrenamiento formal y vamos a estar juntas compartiendo una presentación si les interesa en español. Voy a estar ahí presentando AUTISMO. Pensé que es un tema que nunca es poco saber. Siempre hay algo nuevo para saber, algo para recordar, algo que cuando estuve en "ese entrenamiento" no me quedo claro.
Una gran oportunidad el tener este evento en Oklahoma. Hay que aprovecharlo. Hay que seguir trabajando y hacernos notar por nuestros éxitos, por lo que vamos aprendiendo y vamos creciendo como mujeres capacitadas dentro de este ambiente tan importante como el Cuidado Infantil.
Por favor hagan todo lo que esté en sus manos para concurrir, es una gran oportunidad. Estaré ofreciendo entrenamiento de Safe Sleep (SIDS) en el mes de noviembre en español:  "Como crear un ambiente saludable y seguro para que duerman los niños pequeños". (a partir de noviembre será obligatorio tenerlo para todas las proveedoras) Va a ser el 10 de Noviembre de 7 pm a 9 pm en Rainbow Fleet: 3024 Paseo, OKC. Costará $20  por 2 horas de entrenamiento. Pueden enrolarse llamándome a mí o el día de la conferencia ECAO.
Recuerden que como siempre, las puedo ayudar a que el proceso de las estrellas sea más fácil, más rápido y más sencillo. Rainbow Fleet tiene los materiales para ayudarlas a armar los centros, la laminadora para crear los carteles y decoración. ¡Anímense, se van a sentir orgullosas de ustedes mismas! Pueden pasar de 1 estrella a dos, o hasta 1.5, el tema es ¡animarse!
Como siempre, no duden de contactarme si puedo ayudarlas con algo:
¡Muchas Gracias por su atención!

Rainbow Fleet
3024 Paseo     
Oklahoma City, OK 73103

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